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How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary → CHECK HERE

One of the most special dates for a couple after formalizing their union is without a doubt the wedding, and in today’s post we quote some tips from experts on the subject, with different ideas on how to celebrate the date, as well as information about the wedding and much more.

To see even more content and suggestions on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, keep reading!

Wedding anniversary

Interestingly the Guinness Book ??Book of World Records) since it had some records of registered long-lived marriages, the longest-lived of which is a couple that has been together for at least 110 years called Julio Cesar and Waldraminaboth of Ecuador the couple took the record for the longest love ever recorded in history.

Inspired by this great love story, we separate the wedding anniversary, years, names, as well as tips on how to celebrate with your love!

What are the weddings of each year of marriage?

The anniversary of a marriage is defined by different terms that refer to the years in which the couple has been married. See what they are:

  • 1 year: Paper Wedding
  • 2 years: Cotton Wedding
  • 3 years: Wedding of Wheat
  • 4 years: Linen wedding
  • 5 years: Wood or Iron Wedding
  • 6 years: Wedding of Perfume or Sugar
  • 7 years: Brass or Wool Wedding
  • 8 years old: Poppy or Clay Wedding
  • 9 years: Ceramic or Wicker Wedding Anniversary
  • 10 years: Tin Wedding
  • 11 years: Wedding of Steel
  • 12 years: Wedding of Silk or Onyx
  • 13 years old: Linen or Lace wedding
  • 14 years old: Ivory Wedding
  • 15 years: Crystal Wedding
  • 16 years old: Wedding of Tourmaline
  • 17 years old: Rose Wedding
  • 18 years: Turquoise wedding
  • 19 years old: Wedding in Cretonne or Aquamarine
  • 20 years: Porcelain Wedding
  • 21 years old: Wedding of Zircon
  • 22 years old: Tableware Wedding
  • 23 years old: Wedding of Straw
  • 24 years old: Wedding of Opal
  • 25 years: Silver Anniversary
  • 26 years old: Wedding of Alexandrite
  • 27 years old: Wedding of Chrysopazio
  • 28 years old: Wedding of Hematite
  • 29 years old: Weed Wedding
  • 30 years: Pearl Wedding
  • 31 years old: Wedding in Nacar
  • 32 years: Wedding of Pine
  • 33 years old: Wedding of Crizo
  • 34 years: Wedding of Oliveira
  • 35 years: Coral Wedding
  • 36 years old: Wedding of Cedar
  • 37 years old: Wedding of Aventurine
  • 38 years: Oak Wedding
  • 39 years: Marble Wedding
  • 40 years: Emerald Wedding
  • 41 years: Silk wedding anniversary
  • 42 years: Golden Silver Anniversary
  • 43 years old: Jet Wedding
  • 44 years old: Carbonate Anniversary
  • 45 years: Ruby Wedding
  • 46 years: Wedding of Alabaster
  • 47 years old: Wedding of Jasper
  • 48 years: Wedding of Granite
  • 49 years old: Wedding of Heliotrope
  • 50 years: Golden Anniversary
  • 51 years: Bronze Anniversary
  • 52 years old: Wedding of Clay
  • 53 years: Wedding of Antimony
  • 54 years old: Nickel Anniversary
  • 55 years: Wedding of Amethyst
  • 56 years: Marriage of Malachite
  • 57 years old: Wedding of Lapis Lazuli
  • 58 years: Wedding of Glass
  • 59 years: Cherry Wedding
  • 60 years: Diamond Anniversary
  • 61 years old: Copper Wedding
  • 62 years: Wedding of Tellurite
  • 63 years: Wedding of Sandalwood or Lilac
  • 64 years old: Wedding of Fabulita
  • 65 years old: Platinum Anniversary
  • 66 years old: Ebony Wedding
  • 67 years old: Snow Wedding
  • 68 years old: Wedding of Lead
  • 69 years: Wedding of Mercury
  • 70 years: Wedding of Wine
  • 71 years old: Zinc Anniversary
  • 72 years old: Wedding of Oats
  • 73 years old: Marriage of Marjoram
  • 74 years old: Wedding of Apple tree
  • 75 years: Wedding Brilliant
  • 76 years: Wedding of Cypress
  • 77 years: Wedding of Lavender
  • 78 years: Wedding of Benzoin
  • 79 years old: Wedding of Coffee
  • 80 years: Walnut or Oak Wedding
  • 81 years old: Cocoa Wedding
  • 82 years: Wedding of Carnation
  • 83 years old: Wedding of Begonia
  • 84 years: Wedding of Chrysanthemum
  • 85 years: Wedding of Sunflower
  • 86 years: Wedding of Hydrangea
  • 87 years old: Nogueira Wedding
  • 88 years old: Wedding of Pear
  • 89 years old: Wedding of Figueira
  • 90 years: Wedding of Alamo
  • 91 years: Wedding of Pine
  • 92 years: Wedding of Willow
  • 93 years: Wedding of Imbuia
  • 94 years old: Wedding of Palmeira
  • 95 years: Wedding of Sandalwood
  • 96 years old: Wedding of Oliveira
  • 97 years: fir wedding anniversary
  • 98 years: Wedding of Pine
  • 99 years: Wedding of Willow
  • 100 years: Wedding of Jequitibá

What to do on the commemorative date?

The main tip when celebrating a wedding anniversary, according to specialists, is to take into account the wishes of the couple, that is, which the hobby favorite of the two together, what interests, what they like to do most in celebrations, what types of events most please the couple.

If, in this case, the woman is going to prepare a surprise for her husband or vice versaalways taking into account the taste of the couple under consideration can be a good idea, see the list of suggestions:

  • Romantic candlelit dinner;
  • Dinner at a restaurant, favoring the couple’s favorite dish;
  • Make a special dinner at home, by candlelight;
  • Prepare the room with flowers, notes and post-it notes romantic, making a well-crafted special night;
  • Go out to celebrate in a more cheerful way with music, after the event, choose a good favorite restaurant for the couple;
  • Make an intimate moment at home, cooking together;
  • Make a small surprise as a gift, or a mini celebration;
  • Prepare a cheese and wine pizza, with a handwritten letter;
  • Prepare the couple’s favorite dish and make a pleasant surprise;

Remembering that there are countless creative ways to celebrate a couple’s wedding anniversary, however the fundamental tip is, always take into account everything that the two most enjoy doing together, and so plan the ideal moment that will please both of you, in order to make the occasion unforgettable!

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