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How to cancel an Inter account?

You no longer want to keep your Inter account active? If you are already a customer, but no longer want to, you can cancel with a few steps on the financial institution’s website.

The Inter account can be canceled whenever you want on the official website, as long as the customer has no debt with the bank. If you want to do this and you don’t have any pending, you can follow the step by step below.

In this content we gather all the information to cancel an Inter account, in addition to the cancellation deadline, if it is possible to do it in the bank application and much more. Keep on texting!

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How can I cancel the Inter account over the internet?

It is possible to carry out the account cancellation procedure on the official website of the institution and below you will be able to check the entire step by step of the cancellation.

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Access your account on the Banco Inter website

You can access your Banco Inter account through the link: www.bancointer.com.br The site allows customers to access various information about their account, but to cancel, first follow these steps:

  • On the website, click on “Access”;
  • Read the disclaimer and click “I am aware”;
  • Tap “iSafe and Internet Banking” in the bank app;
  • Select the “QR Code” option and confirm;
  • Point the cell phone camera to authenticate the QR Code and access your account.

After these steps, you will enter your bank account through the website.

Account Closure

In the “Services” option, click on “Account termination”, select the reason after clicking on “Account termination reason”. In this option you can choose the option that corresponds with the termination reason.

After that, you will need to read the account closure term. To do this, just download the term, check the option that you have read and accepted the terms, then just click on “Next”. Once this is done, confirm the operation by clicking on “Confirm”.

Transfer your money and Authenticate account closure

To transfer the money, just inform the designated account that you want to transfer the balance. After that, authenticate the closure of the account in the bank application, tap on “iSafe and Internet Banking”, “iSafe”, “View code” and copy the number generated on the authentication screen. With that, your account closure request has already been made.

Is it possible to cancel Inter account through the App?

You can cancel your Inter account through the App.

It is possible to cancel Inter account through the App

It is possible to cancel Inter account through the App

For this, follow these steps:

  • Open the application;
  • Log in;
  • Click on the options to cancel services and accounts;
  • Follow the on-screen directions.

It is worth mentioning that, in the same way that the cancellation is done through the website, after the cancellation request in the app, the Inter team will contact you to inform you how the procedure is going.

What is the deadline for definitive cancellation of the Inter account?

With the request made, it will be duly forwarded to the responsible team and within a period of 30 days, the return is made.

When requesting a new account after a previous cancellation, how long do I wait?

If you regret having canceled your account, you can become a customer again after a period of 6 months, which is equivalent to 180 days.

Canceling a Banco Inter account is a simple process, but it requires a few days to complete the cancellation.

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