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How to burn calories in a fun way

Burning calories and losing weight is a process that requires constant physical activity, associated with a healthy and balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.

Losing weight and losing extra centimeters, perhaps accumulated during the Christmas holidays, is only possible with a personalized diet like that of Red Apple, that teaches you to eat well. In fact, our diet is based on your needs, your characteristics and your weight goal.

Despite this, however, there are several daily activities that lead us to burn calories in a short time and, above all, without going to the gym.

Let’s discover them together.

The walk with the dog

Walking the dog for 25 minutes will burn about 100 Kcal.

An activity that allows you not only to move and stay active, but also to share a pleasant time with your 4-legged friend in contact with nature.

Dedicate yourself to cleaning the house

Doing chores is a great calorie burning activity.

Cleaning the windows, washing the dishes, ironing or scrubbing the floors can be boring, but what if we told you that in 45 minutes you can burn more than 100 Kcal?! You would surely change your mind!

Always take the stairs to burn calories

Another way to burn calories during the day, quickly and easily, is to always take the stairs, avoiding, for example, taking the elevator to go home or to work.

read a book

An hour spent reading your favorite book or studying will allow you to burn approximately 100 calories.

The reason? During these activities you need to keep your concentration high and your brain active; a real mental work that will allow you to burn calories.

Laughing out loud burns calories

Laughter loses about 1.3 calories per minute; therefore, in 30 minutes of outrageous laughter you can burn 100 calories!

In addition, it is important to know that being positive and in a good mood can affect our body and also our appetite.

In fact, when we are in a good mood, serotonin and endorphins, also known as smile and happiness hormones, enter the bloodstream and affect appetite, sleep and even the sexual sphere.

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