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How to Build a Wood Stove

Even being in the 21st century, some people still haven’t given up sometimes eating their meals on wood stoves, in Brazil thousands of people still use this type of stove, claiming that using iron pans and a wood stove, the food is much tastier and with its original taste, check out our complete article for more information on some tips for how to build wood stove🇧🇷

How to Build a Wood Stove

What this article covers:

How to Build a Wood Stove

In our article today we will not only give you some tips on how to build wood stove with serpentine, but also how to build an ecological wood stove, contributing to the preservation of the environment, the wood stove models are contributed from masonry, working with iron burners united in a single plate, seated in a cavity where the firewood, so the heat that circulates between the brick wall and the iron plates will have only 2 outputs, the one from the burners, to the top and the one from the oven to the side.

We have prepared a list of some of the necessary materials so that those interested can know how to build masonry wood stove, Here is the list of necessary materials:

500 Bricks

1 bag of cement – ​​50k

118 liters of powdered lime

200 liters of medium sand

85 liters of zero gravel

320 liters of clay soil

1 griddle oven measuring 50x35x35cm

10 kg of 3/16 iron for concrete

1 cast iron plate 3 holes, reductions and covers

6.16kg of bent 16 iron sheet

1.50 kg of angle iron 1 ¼ – 1m

450g of 3/8 galvanized pipe

15 cm of rafter 4×8

4m of 1×4 lath

200g of nails

15 cm barbed wire

See the video below as well:


Now that everyone already has the list of materials, just know how to make wood stove, some projects use all the material previously reported, but other projects do not exactly need all the material, some projects of wood stoves can be found easily on the internet, it is worth checking out some of the traditional projects and building a wood stove in your home .

We hope you enjoyed our article and that everyone can have the opportunity to follow some of the tips for making a wood stove that we gave earlier, such as knowing the amount of products that are enough to build a wood stove, we wish you all a great week and see you next time.

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