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How to Build a Low Cost House

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How to Build a Low Cost House

Tilégo works with a type of modular brick, apparent and intelligent providing speed and safety on site. The bricks are superimposed without the need for mortar to unite them, using a type of PVA-based glue that, in addition to dispensing with mortar, also eliminates the need for specialized labor.

This brick has two holes vertically and two holes horizontally, allowing the distribution of electrical and plumbing conductors in the house without having to make cuts or holes in the walls. These holes can also be used to fill concrete and hardware, which can easily dispense with the construction of columns and beams in the usual civil construction and the best part is that they are low cost houses🇧🇷 For more information, just go to www.tilego.com.br.

In addition to this tip, another one that is gaining strength is home construction with resources that are less harmful to nature and reuse of materials. This is the case of Casas de Containers. These are made from Containers that will no longer be used and these undergo treatment with a specialized company to gain comfort and quality in the house. If you liked this idea, visit the link House made with Container and learn more about prices and delivery times.

Wood houses

At Wood houses they are also excellent and low cost and can be built with selected and treated wood and with the inspection carried out by IBAMA. In addition to the low cost of the material, it is also assembled in a very short time by professional people in the area of ​​assembly of these houses. The most important thing is that the price of labor is already included in the total of the finished house. At CSNC group it is possible to find the dream house at a low price within your budget and without complications. Wooden houses in addition to being strong are also thermal, comfortable and much better to face any type of climate and without the stress of humidity on the walls normally found in material houses.

Brazilian dream

Every Brazilian dreams of owning his own own homebut most of the time this dream ends up being just a dream, because of the high prices of buildings and of course the installments do not fit within the budget of the worker, in addition to being very high, they also have built-in interest.

But with a little calm and patience, it is possible to find low-priced, good-quality homes and finally be able to realize the much-desired dream of owning your own home. What for many who are born privileged living in their own home is very good and in a way comforting, for others it is a nightmare that seems to have no end and only with the construction of low-cost houses will they be able to wake up from the nightmare and take a happy and worry-free life.

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