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How to build a champagne tower for New Year’s Eve

Do you want to do something extravagant on New Year’s and impress your guests a little extra? Build a massive champagne tower and make the welcome glass something really special!

Photo: Nordic Nest

3 tips for the champagne tower

  • Build the tower where it is supposed to stand for the rest of the evening.
  • A mirror under the tower will give a beautiful reflection. It is also important that it withstands spills.
  • Have enough bubbles at home, a tower needs its bottles!

Step by step guide

  • First of all, you need to have enough glasses. It is also important that the glasses are round coupe glasses and reasonably similar in shape so that the tower is stable.
  • Build the tower on a spill-resistant mat, a beautiful mirror or a tray.
  • The tower is built by creating different floors with a square base. Stack the glasses tightly into a diamond-shaped opening, then build the next floor by placing the glasses in the middle of the diamond-shaped opening. An example is 12 glasses at the bottom followed by 7-3-1.
  • Make sure they are all collected when you top up!
Photo: Nordic Nest

Source: Nordic Nest

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