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How to borrow credit at Vivo?

Did you know that you can borrow credit from Vivo? Vivo is a giant in the cell phone and internet market, and year after year presents the best rates of active users in the country, increasing its assets and customers more and more. But even though it is a well-known company, there are many people who still don’t know that they can apply for a loan at Vivo. Let’s learn how to apply!

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Is there a credit system borrowed at Vivo?

There are emergency situations in which we need to borrow credit immediately and for some reason we cannot hire it. At these times it is not necessary to lose your head or despair because you can borrow credit from Vivo to pay only in the future! Something very easy and practical.

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You can use the credit borrowed from Vivo not only for calls and SMS but also for internet services. With the credit borrowed from Vivo, you can also hire special promotional packages such as Vivo On and the live pre turbo??

Who can borrow credit from Vivo?

Any customer of the operator can borrow an amount of credit from Vivo, however there are some conditions necessary for the customer to be able to proceed with his request.

The customer must have less than 48 cents of credit in his number and must have already carried out some type of top-up in the last semester.

How to borrow credit from Vivo?

Borrowing credit from Vivo is very easy and you can apply for it in just a few minutes. If you are a Vivo customer, send an SMS with the word “CREDITOS”, in plural and in capital letters without an accent, to the number 730.

How to borrow credit from Vivo

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Another way to perform this request is to call the number *8013 with the asterisk and interact with the recording and follow its instructions. If you prefer, you can call 1058 and make the same request with the attendant.

What are the values ​​and rates of the Vivo loan?

After contracting the credit borrowed from Vivo, you can use your balance and will only pay on your next recharge. As it is a loan, Vivo asks for an amount as a fee for the service offered. The values ​​vary between 30% and 40% of the contracted balance value. It is important to note that the maximum credit you can borrow from Vivo is R$29.99.

Now you know how not to be left without credits in times of need. Be sure to make your request when you need it!

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