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How to be approved for the Nubank credit card?

To be approved for a Nubank credit card, it is important to follow simple factors, such as not having your name restricted, and having a good relationship with fintech so that they can get to know you better and find out how your routine as a customer works.

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How to be approved to receive the Nubank credit card?

It is important to have a clean name or one with few restrictions, because Nubank uses credit analysis to be able to understand the customer’s profile, and to know if that profile fits to be eligible to receive a credit card.

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Open the NuConta

Before asking for your card and if you don’t have an account, open one so you can apply for a credit card and show fintech that you are a good payer and are always up to date with your bills.

Something that usually contributes to the credit card not being accepted would be problems finding any information about the customer’s CPF, which usually does not show whether or not he is an excellent payer.

Those with a very low score due to outstanding debts will be able to build a good relationship with Nubank, in addition to increasing the fintech database with information related to their CPF. The financial data of any movement made will become easier to find because they are linked in the Nubank??

Prerequisites to be approved

There is no need to go to Nubank branches, nor send your documents by mail. Nubank is 100% digital and the entire process of registering and sending documents is carried out online.

  • Be 18 years old;
  • Live in Brazil;
  • Have an Android cell phone higher than 4.4 or iOS higher than 10;
  • Have a regular CPF at the Federal Revenue Service.

CPF analyzes are extremely important for approval by Nubank, and there is no need to provide proof of income.

Consult the CPF at Serasa

Serasa offers people the possibility to consult their CPF for free, and find out how their score is at the moment, in addition to being able to find out their active debts and the amounts to be negotiated.

Debt settlement will be an important point not only for increasing the score, but for making it even easier to get a credit card with a good limit at Nubank.

How to register the Nubank card on Google Play?

Access the Nubank application and go to Register Google Play, then the application will show the cards that will be available for registration and it will only be necessary to enter the 4-digit password and confirm.

You are automatically redirected to confirmation on Google Play, accept the conditions and terms, and click continue to complete the registration.

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