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How to Backup on Computer, Android and iOS

As far as the tech world is concerned, there can be many (bad) surprises that you receive without warning. A computer won’t turn on or a smartphone breaking down “out of nowhere” can bring you a lot of headaches. To alleviate these situations, we explain to you how to make backup on different devices.

How to make backup on a Windows computer

First of all, and regardless of the computer model you have, or even your operating system, it is important that you have an external disk with you (or, in some cases, a pen USB with plenty of capacity). As disks have greater storage capacity, we advise you to opt for this device.

The steps to follow are very simple, as Windows provides this option in a simplified way, so that the user does not have to waste time or use software external sources to be able to make a copy of all the information that you have stored on your computer. to make a backup on a Windows computer, just follow these steps:

1. Connect an external disk to the computer (under no circumstances use the equipment’s original disk);

two. Select the “Start” button in the lower left corner and access the Control Panel;

3. Then click on System and Maintenance and then on Backup and Restore;

4. Select the “Create new full backup” option and follow the steps provided by the wizard.

In one of these steps that you are about to go through, you will be asked where you want to save this new backup copy – at that moment, select the external disk that you have connected to the computer.

How to make backup on an android

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The process is the same whether you want to make a backup on one smartphone or in a tablet🇧🇷 However, this process should be divided into two phases: a backup of the content and a backup of the device’s data and settings.

Content backup

The content of your mobile device is everything you store on it after it reaches your hands, namely photos, videos, files and folders. For this, Google provides two very efficient services, capable of safely storing all your content: Google Photos it’s the Google Drive🇧🇷

To save photos and videos, use Google Photos, and to save files, use Google Drive. Both will automatically create a library of everything you have saved on your smartphone and keep it in cloud🇧🇷 If in doubt, follow the processes described by Google to make backup in multimedia content it’s from folders and files🇧🇷

Backup data and settings

to know how to do backup to all other data and information on your smartphone or tabletjust follow these steps:

1. Open the “Settings” app;

two. Go to “System” and then “Advanced”;

3. Click on “Backup”.

Depending on the version of software you have installed, these steps may not be exactly what you find on your device. In this case, simply enter the expression “backup” in the Settings application.

How to make backup on an Apple device

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to know how to do backup on an Apple computer (Mac or iMac), all you have to do is look for the option Time Machinea feature developed by the brand that speeds up the process of backing up a computer.

In fact, just plug in an external storage device (a disk or a pen USB, for example) that, from the start, a pop up will appear automatically, which in turn will ask you what purpose you want to give to that device.

In that pop up, just select the option “Encrypt backup disk” (recommended) and then click on “Use as backup disk”. After this choice, the backup will start automatically, and the Time Machine you can make these copies on a daily basis if you like. If, for any reason, this pop up does not appear, configure it manually:

1. Open System Preferences and then click on the Time Machine🇧🇷

two. Access the option “Select backup disk” (or “Select disk” or “Add or remove backup disk”);

3. From the list of disks available for copying, choose the external storage device you initially connected;

4. Then select “Encrypt Backup” (recommended) and then “Use Disk”.

If the storage device you have connected is new and not formatted as per the requirements of the Time Machine, you will be asked to erase the disk (as if it were formatting). This action will erase all data stored on the disk (if any) so that the backup can start.

On iPhone, iPad or iPod

There are two ways to do this, both of which apply to iPhone, iPad and iPod: iCloud or iTunes.


1. Connect the device to a (secure) Wi-Fi network;

two. Go to Settings, select your name, then sign in to iCloud;

3. Enable the “Backup to iCloud” option;

4. Click “Backup Now” and keep your device connected to Wi-Fi until the backup is complete.


1. Open iTunes and update it to the latest version (you should see a pop up to request the same);

two. Connect to the computer (using a USB cable) the device on which to perform the backup🇧🇷

3. Follow the steps indicated, which will ask you for the device’s security code;

4. After the device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) appears in iTunes, select it;

5. Click on “Backup Now”.

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