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How to avoid WhatsApp cloning? Complete tutorial!

How to avoid WhatsApp cloning? How can we protect ourselves from alleged digital frauds that clone our numbers and send messages for us?

The number of virtual crimes related to WhatsApp cloning, where someone, with your number, makes requests to your other contacts.

Today we are going to tell you about some techniques for those who learn how to avoid WhatsApp cloning. Read with us and learn!


What this article covers:

How to avoid WhatsApp cloning?

Some people even go further, as they use their number on dangerous sites that can compromise their name and CPF linked to the chip.

That way, you can be banned from the platform, or even have problems outside of digital life, something you wouldn’t want to go through.

The most common is actually linked to crimes where someone with your cloned number starts asking for money through chats with your contacts.

Want to know how to avoid WhatsApp cloning? Read!

Do not use WhatsApp APKs.

Common among young people, WhatsApp APKs like GBWhatsApp?? whatsapp plus and other versions, end up bringing big problems that those who use it can’t even imagine.

An APK is an unauthorized and unofficial alternative version of an application for the Android operating system. In this way, the developer offers greater features within an application, such as different fonts and a greater chance of customizing WhatsApp.

The problem? The entire database, posts?? Photos and videos that you forward when using these APKs are the responsibility of the developer, someone you don’t even know.

How to avoid WhatsApp cloning? Do not use APKs!

How to avoid WhatsApp cloning? Avoid clicking on suspicious links that any of your contacts send you.

If it is not your contact, then the situation is even worse!

Some links are created by hackers to gain access to your WhatsApp, thus cloning your entire application, having access to your conversations and being able to forward messages to you.

Do you have questions about the origin of a link? So don’t click on it!

Do not give out your phone number to any website.

This is perhaps one of the best tips on how to avoid WhatsApp cloning, as virtual crimes are much greater when we leave the application and land on the web.

There are several ways that hackers use to clone your instant messaging application, either through copies of official websites or even dangerous websites.

Imagine that you enter the Magazine Luiza website through an unauthorized link: this website is fake, created as a mirror only to have access to your personal information, such as number and WhatsApp number, your credit card details and other details.

Always make sure you enter websites through official links, protecting your data, including your WhatsApp!

Only register your number in secure applications.

Finally, we have the apps. First of all, it is worth remembering that we are not talking about applications from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

These two app stores are safe, which guarantee the safety of your data, including your WhatsApp numbers, whether the personal or the Business version.

We are again talking about APKs, modified applications that provide greater functionality than the original, but which can be a problem.

Not only do WhatsApp have these APKs, there are several others, such as old games that are no longer available in the app stores, but are provided by an eternal developer.

Never provide your number on these apps, as the chance of being cloned is great.

Follow our tips and be sure that your messenger application will never be cloned, just keep good practices on the internet and your data will be safe!

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