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How to avoid frizz and frizzy hair in wet and cold weather?

Avoiding frizz and frizzy hair is a constant struggle in autumn-winter weather. Find out how to finally say goodbye to the helmet effect.

Cold and rainy seasons are, unfortunately, not very hair-friendly. And if it is true that we can wear a hat to protect ourselves from the cold, it is also true that avoid frizz and frizzy hair it’s not that simple. After all, who has never experienced the feeling of having a helmet in the place where loose summer hair used to live?

We’ve put together some easy tips that will help you keep your hair in place, even wearing berets and facing the humidity of rainy days. Check out!

Avoid frizz and frizzy hair: 7 useful tips

The leave-in is a product that must be applied even with the wet hairafter washing, and which serves to reduce frizz, as well as to add shine and texture to the hair.

In this sense, and because on the days when you are going to wear hats your hair needs to be well shaped, make it your best friend.


Do not wear hats or berets with wet hair

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to hair being marked is wearing hats or berets with the strands still damp.

This will cause the hair to be molded by the accessories, which will translate into a helmet and hair in the air once you take them off.

Furthermore, it can cause oiliness and even redness on the scalp, in people with the most sensitive skin.

So, only use hair accessories with very dry strands. And always have a brush handy.


Take the risk in the opposite direction

We all know how your hair looks scruffy and limp when you take your hat off. To prevent this from happening, do the risk in the opposite direction than usual.

That is, if you usually use risk on the right side, do it on the left side and vice versa. Then, when you take the hat off, just put the line back in the usual place.

This little trick will help your hair keep volumeand, and without that “helmet” effect we hate.

If your hair tends to get frizzy and stand on end on top of your head, especially on rainy days or after wearing hats, we have a good tip: when you are finishing drying, comb your hair, put a little hair oil in your hands and apply mainly to the ends of the hair.

Then, without the excess, run your hands over your head lightly, as if you were pampering yourself.

The oil will help shorter hair stay in place, even when the humidity is high.

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Make hairstyles compatible with accessories

Although most of us tend to wear hats and berets without any hairstyle, the truth is that braids and ponytails are a good alternative so that the hair is not marked or wrinkled.

Indeed, as these two hairstyles already tame the hair, there is less risk of having all the strands in the air when removing the accessories.

Do not believe? Try it!


Use natural fiber accessories

In order to avoid static electricity in the hair and the dreaded frizz, it is important that when using a hat, a scarf or a beret, you favor those made of natural fibers.

Materials such as wool, cotton or silk cause less frizz and hair in the air than synthetic materials such as polyester, for example.


Take your hat off whenever you can

Did you know that staying a long time with your hat or beret on is synonymous with very wrinkled hair?

Therefore, if you want to avoid the helmet effect, take advantage of going into closed spaces or going to the bathroom to remove the accessory and comb your hair with your fingers.

This will help the strands not take the shape of the hat, keeping the volume without frizz.

Now that you know how to avoid frizz and frizzy hair on the cold, wet days of autumn and winter, say goodbye to unruly strands once and for all.

Article originally published in December 2021. Updated in October 2022.

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