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How to attract the person you like: 4 simple love rituals that will help you

Rituals can be an option if you need extra help in love and you want to attract the person you like. These are homemade recipes, very simple to make, in which you will use accessible and cheap materials, in addition to the magic of your intentions, to have better luck in matters of the heart.

If you have tried everything and the right person still does not arrive, rituals are symbolic acts that can give you what you spiritually need to succeed. Love is one of the strongest and purest feelings, which is why it is said to be the most powerful ingredient in a ritual.

As love always comes unexpectedly, these recipes shared by astrologers from Astrofame, you can make them at any time. Next, we tell you what you need and how to make them step by step.

Full moon love ritual

As its name indicates, this ritual uses the energy of the full Moon to accompany your love intentions. It is believed to be strongest when the lunar phase occurs on Friday, the day ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

The ritual begins by taking off your shoes and resting your right foot on a sheet of paper. With a red pen she traces the outline of the foot, cut it out and writes the full name of the person you like 21 times.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder on the figure and leave it in the moonlight all night. The next morning, he removes the excess cinnamon and place the paper in the shoe that you are going to wear that day. It is said that if you do the ritual 2 times in a row, the person you like will declare their love for you.

Ritual to attract love with a rose

Buy a rose on a Friday and place it in a glass of water. Repeat out loud 3 times the name of your loved one. When night comes, remove one of the petals while repeating: “(name) let love enter you.” She wraps the petals in a red scarf and puts them away. Do this procedure for 21 days in a row and when the 22nd arrives, let the wind blow away the petals and use the handkerchief as an amulet.

write a love letter

It is a very simple ritual that consists of ask the universe for the partner you want through a letter. Preferably do it on a Friday night trying to be as specific as possible. That is, how you imagine that person to be physically (if you haven’t met them yet), how you want them to be treated, what their first dates would be like, how you want them to treat you, if you want them to be for life, etc.

Ritual with candles and salt

This ritual is more laborious, but very effective. It consists of covering the mirrors of your bathroom with a white or pink sheet. If you have a bathtub, fill it with hot water and mix in coarse salt, otherwise boil a good sized pot and add coarse salt. When you are in the bathtub or shower and soak in the water (take care that the temperature is comfortable for your body) repeat the phrase: “The negativity has been eliminated, today I am renewing myself. Many heads will turn to me, and the one I choose will want to stay.”

Light 3 red candles, the color of love and passionand repeat “I am blessed, I am in love, I am loved and I love myself, I am love” and let the candles burn down completely.

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