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How to attract hummingbirds in the garden

Many people, to reinforce their contact with nature, set up a home garden🇧🇷 This environment is characterized by a variety of plants and furniture that favor relaxation.

The hummingbird makes the garden more cheerful and with movement. (Photo: Disclosure)

The garden is an ideal space to chat with friends, date, read a book or simply take a nap. A good landscaping project will certainly make the area even more pleasant.

In addition to investing in plants and furniture to decorate the outdoor garden, residents can also think of ways to attract animals to their small nature reserve. You hummingbirds they will definitely contribute to the beauty and health of the garden.

Hummingbirds do not surprise with their song, but they guarantee more color and movement to the garden🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Tips for attracting hummingbirds in the garden

Check out a selection of tips for attracting hummingbirds in the garden🇧🇷

• Garden owners can hang hummingbird drinkers in the trees. To attract the birds, just fill the containers with water and sugar;

The water fountain is a good option to attract birds. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Birds especially like flowers in orange, red, purple, white and yellow colors;

• The plants selected for the garden must present generous and lasting flowers at different times of the year;

• An interesting strategy to attract the hummingbirds visit is to hang red ribbons on trees. This color draws attention from afar and can confuse the bird’s vision;

• It is worth having an automatic irrigation system in the garden, as the hummingbirds love to bathe;

Hummingbirds like hibiscus. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Birds appreciate flowers with a narrow funnel-like corolla;

• Between the plants that most attract hummingbirdsworth mentioning: Mimo-de-venus, Lantana, Grevílea-dwarf, Red shrimp, Hibiscus, Tajetes, Joy-of-garden, Candelabro de Ouro, Yellow-shrimp, Brush-of-monkey, Earring-of-princess, Tinker Bell and Little Booties.

About the hummingbird

The hummingbird is a small bird, measuring between 6 and 12 cm and weighing six grams. Its beak stands out because it is long and has an appropriate shape to collect the nectar of flowers🇧🇷

The hummingbird’s muscular constitution ensures fast flight. The rhythm of the wings is so intense that, at times, the bird seems motionless in the air.

Hummingbirds need a lot of energy to cope with the calories expended in continuous flight, which is why they ‘kiss’ more than a thousand flowers a day.

Innovate your home garden landscaping project to receive the visit of hummingbirds every day.

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