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How to archive whatsapp conversations without deleting them

Archiving Whatsapp conversations allows you to mute secondary conversations and prioritize important conversations. Know how.

Archive conversations on Whatsapp (Archive Chats) is a feature that has been in the application since 2021. If you are a user of this social network and you are one of those who have a list of conversations and chat groups that never end, this is a feature that is worth knowing.

It is available for iOS and Android operating systems and was introduced to help this type of users better manage their chat box within the application, so that they don’t miss important messages in the middle of so much conversation.

The goal is to keep some of the conversations hidden in an Archived Chats Folder, which guarantees that all chats sent there will remain silent and will not reappear in the inbox, even if they receive new messages.

This way, your inbox will be cleaner and more organized, leaving only the conversations you can’t miss or don’t want to miss visible, while the others are out of sight, but not deleted, so that, when you have a little extra time, you can resume them.

How to archive Whatsapp conversations?

Open your application and press and hold the conversation you want to hide from the main CONVERSATION box (chats) until the sign that it has been selected appears. You can also select multiple conversations at the same time.

Now tap on the square icon that has a little black arrow that appears at the top of the screen. It will only appear after selecting one or more conversations.

And it is. The conversations, or just one, that she had selected are already gone from her main screen. You will notice that, after doing this procedure, a new folder appears at the top of the list of visible chats that says Archived. It is in this folder that you can consult all the conversations you have decided to hide.

How to unarchive whatsapp conversations?

Go to the top of the CHAT screen and tap on the folder that says Archived.

Press and hold the individual or group conversation that you want to unarchive so that the icon appears to confirm that it is selected. As with archiving, you can unarchive multiple chats at the same time by selecting multiple conversations at this time.

Touch the icon with a little black arrow that appears at the top of the screen and all the conversations you selected will return to the main screen.

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Alternatives to Archive Whatsapp Conversations

Using the Archive tool There are still some management options that may also interest you to manage your application. You can, for example, clear the entire chat box, hiding all the chats that are there, and you can do it all at once.

Just go to the CONVERSATION screen (chats) and tap the three dots to look for > More options (More options) or > Settings (Settings). From there look for > Chat history and scroll down looking for > Archive all chats.

In this management option, another functionality may be useful, the one that previously existed by default in the application and which allowed that, whenever a new message arrived, the conversation was unarchived and appeared on the main screen.

To program your application for this option, just go to the CONVERSATIONS screen (chats), tap > More options (More options) or > Settings (Settings) and search for >Keep chats archived. This option is enabled by default and you just have to disable it. And that’s it, your Whatsapp chat box doesn’t need to be a big mess anymore.

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