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How to apply for the GBarbosa credit card?

Do you know the Gbarbosa credit card? It is the ideal card for those who usually shop at one of the stores in the Gbarbosa chain. With this card, you have access to several payment methods and exclusive discounts.

Therefore, if you are a Gbarbosa customer and are looking for a new payment method, the Gbarbosa card is a good option. But how does this card work? What are its advantages and how to apply? Let’s understand better how this card works.

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What is the GBarbosa credit card?

O Gbarbosa is a supermarket chain Brazilian company with more than 60 years of history. With more than 150 stores, Gbarbosa has one of the largest supermarket chains in all of Latin America.

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But the Gbarbosa chain is going beyond just selling, as the Gbarbosa card is also being made available to its customers, a new form of payment that can be used in any supermarket of the Gbarbosa chain, and in partner stores.

What is the financial status of the GBarbosa card?

As with other cards of the Cencosud group, the Gbarbosa credit card is issued by Bradesco. As for your brand, you can choose between Visa and Mastercard.

How does the GBarbosa card work?

The Garbosa credit card works only in the credit function, and although it was created for Gbarbosa supermarkets, it can also be used in several other establishments. This depends on the type of card, as there are 3 types of Gbarbosa card.

The credi-hiper, for example, only works in Gbarbosa supermarkets. While the international card can be used in any type of establishment, whether in Brazil or worldwide. It also has the Gold card, which is only accepted in Brazil.

What are the benefits of the GBarbosa card?

When you make the Gbarbosa credit card, you get a first purchase coupon, where you get a good discount on your first purchase made using the card.

Another benefit of the Gbarbosa card is the exclusive discounts you can earn using the card. In addition, Gbarbosa also offers an exclusive installment plan, making it possible to split your purchases up to 24x.

Who can apply for the GBarbosa credit card?

To apply for a Gbarbosa credit card, the customer must be 18 years of age or older, and have an income of more than R$500.

What documents do I need to apply for the GBarbosa card?

This will depend on where you are going to apply for the Gbarbosa card. But let’s say it’s in a physical store, you need to bring your identity document, proof of income and another proof of residence.

How to apply for the GBarbosa card?

It is not very difficult to apply for a Gbarbosa credit card. The only thing to be done is to inform all the requested data, either virtually or in a physical store. After that, your request will be analyzed and then you will receive a response to your request.

Where to apply?

It is possible to apply for the Gbarbosa credit card in a physical store, or on the official website. To make the request through the website, the only document required is the CPF.

What are the GBarbosa credit card fees?

The credi-hiper card does not have an annual fee, so its only fees are delays and payment in installments. The international card and the Gold card have an annual fee of R$203.88 and R$263.88 respectively. This fee can be divided into 12x.

What are the GBarbosa credit card fees?
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Therefore, the Gbarbosa card is an excellent alternative for people who regularly shop at Gbarbosa supermarkets.

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