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How to apply for Maternity Allowance through the MY INSS website

Maternity Allowance is a benefit provided for by law that encompasses two items: maternity leave, which allows time off work, and maternity pay. Firstly, it is important to highlight that the request for Maternity Allowance through the Meu INSS website should only be made by pregnant women or mothers who are voluntary contributors, rural or individual (self-employed), who have contributed for at least 10 months. Meanwhile, pregnant women or mothers working under the CLT regime must apply for the benefit directly with the respective employer.

What this article covers:

Mandatory documentation

First of all, have the necessary documents in hand to make the request: CPF number; in the condition of pregnancy, the medical certificate must be presented; if it is the case of receiving custody of a child, it is necessary to present the Term of Custody and, in the case of adoption, the new birth certificate must be presented after the court decision.

Request step by step

  1. After logging in to the site My INSSthe beneficiary must click on the “My appointments” option;
  2. Then, click on “New Application”, choose the option you want, click on “Update”;
  3. Check the contact information and then select “Next”;
  4. Add the requested information and complete the order.

If you prefer, the request can also be made by calling 135, in which the process is practically the same: with the documents in hand, the mother or pregnant woman answers the questions asked over the phone and the request is made. Waiting time to be served is about 5 minutes.

Deadline for granting Maternity Allowance

One of the biggest complaints from those who apply for Maternity Allowance is the delay in getting a response from the National Social Security Institute (INSS). According to the Social Security Benefits Law, the maximum period in which Maternity Allowance must be granted is 45 days after the request. However, when the INSS delays granting the benefit, there is no penalty for the agency.

To solve this problem, the Women’s Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved Bill 10021/18, which determines that the INSS must respond to requests for Maternity Allowance within a maximum of 30 days after the request, and, if this rule is not respected, the Assistance will be granted automatically without risk of penalty for the applicant if the Institute negatively analyzes the request after the deadline.

Who can receive Maternity Allowance

In addition to pregnant women at the end of their pregnancy and new mothers, some other situations give the right to grant Maternity Allowance: in case of receiving legal custody of one or more children; in case of adoption of one or more children; in case of stillbirth or miscarriage or miscarriage permitted by law. There are some cases in which men can benefit from Maternity Allowance: if there is a same-sex adoption or if the mother dies.

In short, Maternity Allowance is an extremely important right that guarantees mothers financial security to be able to fully experience the first days of motherhood with peace of mind, breastfeed, consult doctors and closely monitor the baby’s growth. It’s also important for families who have adopted a child, of any age, and need that adjustment time to be close to the new family member.

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