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How to apply for a Flamengo credit card for a negative?

Nowadays there are banking institutions that offer cards even for negative people and one of them is the Flamengo credit card for negative people.

The Flamengo BRB Visa credit card is the perfect option for those who are loyal fans of the team. It also has a debit version for purchases with immediate payment, in addition to a credit version, which you must request when you make the account.

The card offers exclusive Flamengo products and account opening is done through the BRB app. The best part is that those who are negative can also purchase the card.

Do you want to know the Flamengo credit card for negative? In this content you will understand everything about it and find out whether or not it is worth ordering yours.

What this article covers:

Is there a flamengo credit card for negatives?

Yup. In addition, the Flamengo credit card for negatives also works as a debit card, being two in one. That means you won’t have any problems using it when you need it.

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Customers who have a negative Flamengo credit card can also request additional cards for the family, which will cost only 50% of the holder’s annual fee.

Another advantage of the card is that it is not necessary to use the password when making the payment, as it has the option of payment by approximation, in addition to having portability with digital wallets.

What are the fees on the flamengo credit card for a negative?

The card, which at its launch offered free annuity to around 50,000 customers, is currently not offering this promotion.

Therefore, in addition to the annuity, which varies according to the plan selected, it has some fees and fees that every customer should know.

Revolving interest is one of these fees, and is charged if the customer does not pay the invoice in full. Check the annual fee for these cards below:

  • Flamengo Internacional and Flamengo Torcedora: R$198 or 12x R$16.50;
  • Flamengo Gold: R$312 or 12x R$26;
  • Flamengo Platinum: R$444 or 12x R$37.

But Flamengo’s credit card fees and fees are low compared to other similar options. Values ​​may vary, being changed according to the installments.

How does the Flamengo credit card work for negatives?

The Flamengo credit card for negatives works as follows: any fan of the team can have a card and after requesting it from the issuing bank and using it normally.

The invoice must be paid before the due date and it can be found in the issuing bank’s application.

How do I apply for a Flamengo credit card for a negative?

If you are interested in the Flamengo credit card for negative, you must open a BRB bank account?? The best part is that you don’t have to leave the house for this. Then just download the Nação BRB FLA app that is available for iOS and Android and carry out a few simple steps.

How do I apply for a Flamengo credit card for a negative?

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Follow all directions in the app. It is important to provide all required documents, so make sure you have all of them on hand. Finally, take the selfie that is requested for security reasons and that’s it, just wait for approval!

A 24-hour wait is required for the card to be approved and it usually takes up to 10 days, however, it is possible to use the digital card in the app as soon as it is approved.

What are the Flamengo credit card options to choose from?

There are several Flamengo credit card options for negatives, you can choose according to your needs and conditions.

Mastercard International

The international option offers benefits for those who often travel abroad. It requires a minimum income of R$1,050.00 per month. As a benefit, for every dollar spent on the card, the cardholder earns a point that can be redeemed for miles.

Mastercard Gold

The monthly income for those who want Mastercard Gold must be at least R$2,500.00. As in international, he also accumulates points for every dollar spent.

Mastercard Platinum

Mastercard Platinum is exclusive to those with a minimum monthly income of R$4,900.00. In this model, for every dollar spent, 1 point is also accumulated.

The annual fee for the card is 12 installments of R$37.00 or a total of R$444.00, but if you spend R$5,349 or more, there is no need to pay a fee.

Mastercard Black

The Black card is offered to those with a minimum monthly income of R$1,000.00 and for every dollar spent on credit, the customer has the advantage of earning two points.

Now that you know the Flamengo credit card for negatives better, it’s time to decide which is the best modality for you. Don’t forget to choose according to your needs and conditions!

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