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How to add points for INSS retirement

First, it is necessary to know that the score is based on age with contribution time. For example, a worker who has contributed for 33 years and is 53 years old, must calculate the sum of 33 + 53 = 86. That is, the worker will have 86 points and if 25 years out of the 33 have been in risky activities, there is the special retirement that is guaranteed.

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And when it doesn’t reach the INSS score?

From the moment that the minimum time to get the special retirement does not occur, but the worker has worked in areas that offer health risks, it will be added with an additional 20% for women and 40% for men.

Unfortunately, however, Social Security is not used to carrying out these calculations, which, if done, could accelerate the retirement of millions of Brazilian workers.

It will be possible for the worker to choose the benefits offered by the Social Security that are the most interesting and that have advantages.

Is it possible to prove the special length of service for the INSS?

There are two distinct insured persons in Social Security: self-employed workers and workers with CLTthat is, who have a contract with a company.

The self-employed must have the Technical Report on Environmental Conditions at Work, which would be the acronym LTCAT. The CLT worker needs to have the PPP, which means Profissiográfica Previdenciary Profile, which is always provided by the company.

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Usually, for the worker who is hired by the company, it has a rather complicated path, since not all companies provide the special activity document correctly. Because of this, it is always necessary to stay behind processes to solve this type of problem.

New rule for special INSS retirement

The minimum age of 60 years was included in the Social Security Reform for those who wish to retire through special retirement with the 25 years contributed.

Workers who completed the determined time until November 13, 2019, will be entitled to receive special retirement with no minimum age.

It is guaranteed by the Constitution that those who do not have the minimum age, nor the right, there is a transitional rule that is precisely the one that needs the 86 points.

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