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How to access your private information on Facebook

It is possible to access your private information on Facebook and find out what the social network knows about you and your friends. Just follow a few steps.

A privacy on social networks has been a topic of choice in recent years. The “varnish” that ended up breaking with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the manipulation of user data reached political campaigns in force.

Facebook continues to dominate the social media league. It is true, it is difficult to find someone who is not part of this virtual world.

But can you imagine all that Facebook knows about you? He knows a lot of things, like his relationships, the places he visits, his musical tastes, etc.

The most pressing issue is to understand what kind of information does Mark Zuckerberg’s company keep that can be quite relevant on several occasions

So find out here how to access your private information on facebook and control your information.

How to access your private information on Facebook: step by step

Have you had a Facebook account for so long that you can’t even imagine the amount of things this social network can know about you? Don’t worry, it’s easy to get this information.

And what is included? It’s the social network itself that says so: publications, photos and videos shared, messages and chat conversations, information from the “About” section of the profile and much more.

6 steps to access your private information on Facebook

Follow the steps and unravel everything:

  • Access Facebook;
  • In the upper right corner, select the arrow that points down and choose “Definitions” in the new menu that opens;
  • In “General account settings” you can find the option “Download a copy of your Facebook data” – choose that option;
  • Select “Start”, enter the password and click on “Start my file”;
  • Facebook needs time to gather all available information, but it ends up sending the condensed information in a .zip file to the email;
  • After downloading the uploaded file, open it and double click on the Index file.

What you will find when you download your data on Facebook

When accessing your private information on Facebook, always remember that this information is only there because you or your friends put it there. Even if you don’t share it with anyone else, it is certain that you shared it with Facebook.

Facebook only knows what is shared by users and nothing else – a statement that is as true as it is obvious. That’s why it’s so important to be careful about what you share on Facebook.

But what have you told Facebook since creating your account? More than you might think. There is a lot of information that you are asked to start with, such as your name, place of birth, residence, e-mail… The list is extensive and only a small part of the information you provided.

The truth is that even a simple “like” can say a lot. Whenever you access a page, you are demonstrating to Facebook that there is something that caught your attention on that same page. Now imagine that you put a “Like”. You have just confirmed to Facebook that you are interested in the product this page sells.

From that moment on, you can wait for recommendations from other pages or advertising related to the product you “liked”. It’s as simple as that.

while doing download of your data on Facebook you may discover that the social network holds more information than you would like. But don’t be hasty: the remedy is simple, just filter the shares you make. Also because there are good reasons not to delete Facebook and differences between deleting and deactivating the account.

Make good use of your social network and always be well informed on the subject.

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