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How to access the main digital services of Gov.br

Knowing how to access the main digital services of the Federal Government through Gov.br allows free access for the Brazilian population to search for a wide variety of assistance programs of the Federal Government.

What this article covers:

How did the digitization of Federal Government services occur?

The process of digitalization of Federal Government services has been underway since January 2019 and, with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, it has intensified more and more as a way of offering access to a wide variety of services by the Brazilian population. of governmental services.

How do I register on Gov.br?

To register with Gov.br, you must follow the steps below:

  • Access the Federal Government website through the Gov.br using your computer or your cell phone.
  • Click on the “Create Gov.br Account” option;
  • Inform all the personal data necessary for the creation of your Gov.br account.

Gov.br has a system of accounts with the classification of requirements of people registered in Gov.br, which can be Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Source/Reproduction: Meu Gov.br

Bronze is the representation of all people registered at Gov.br, who are allowed to make simple signatures with validities in low-risk situations, without the presence of confidential base information, Silver is for people who access Gov. br with the account and password of the banks that are integrated into the Federal Government platform. Gold is the identification of people registered with the registration of facial biometrics in the Meu Gov.br application.

What are the main digital services of the Federal Government?

The Federal Government offers a wide variety of digital services, which stand out as:

These are some of the main digital services of the Federal Government that will be able to help and make life easier for its users who always need to consult some specific things.

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