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How to access the DBE? See also some tips!

For everyone who wants to open a CNPJ, it is necessary to learn and be familiar with how to access the DBE. The DBE is essential for those who want to open a company and it is an important process that any entrepreneur or self-employed person must know so that this does not generate any future problems for their CNPJ. So if you want to understand what it is and how to access the DBE, continue with us in the article below!

What this article covers:

How can I access the DBE?

For many who have a Legal Entity process forwarded awaiting authorization, it is necessary to access the DBE frequently to take a look at how the request is going. The simplest way to access the DBE is through the Federal Revenue website.

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By accessing the Federal Revenue website with the data and protocols of your process in hand, you will be able to consult and access the DBE and check how your situation is going.

What is DBE?

The Basic Entry Document, or DBE as it is better known, is a very important document for any CNPJ user. Incidentally, as mentioned, even before a company or self-employed person legally has a CNPJ, they must already have a DBE. This document is what legitimizes numerous processes that the Legal Entity will take from now on, including obtaining the CNPJ itself.

The DBE then acts in cancellations made by the CNPJ, other data changes and also in the hiring of other professionals when made by one.

How does DBE work?

Let’s understand in practice how the DBE works and why it is so important for different types of professionals.

Required for CNPJ

Obtaining a CNPJ became safer and more organized with the use of the DBE by bridging the gap between the professional and the Revenue. The DBE is also necessary for the Individual to be able to file a request to be recognized as a Legal Entity.

Streamlined revenue requests

Although it seemed more like a form of bureaucracy, the DBE streamlined several requests from a professional in the recipe, including the CNPJ request.

CNPJ changes

For any and all changes in the CNPJ, the individual will need his DBE, without accessing it, he will not be able to change any data. When changing address or city, for example, the professional will have to use the DBE to carry out this change as a Legal Entity.

Tips for using the DBE?

As we made clear, the DBE has numerous ways of use that help the lives of those who want a CNPJ or those who already have it. Let’s get to know some very useful ways of using the DBE.

CNPJ request

For all those who want to open a CNPJ and become Legal Entities, works outside the CLT, the DBE is a very important document. It’s actually paramount.

Follow-up of your request

In possession of the document, you can access the DBE on the Federal Revenue website to check the status of your CNPJ request. There you will be able to check the current status of your request.

Hiring independent professionals

Using the DBE of self-employed professionals, the company manages to hire them as Legal Entities, something that is quite advantageous in many cases for both parties.

DBE security

The DBE also served to bring more security to the CNPJ application process by individuals.

DBE security

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Not only security but agility when processing cases.

terms and conditions of use

The term of use and conditions of the DBE can be read in full when requesting the document. However, there are very important clauses at the time of registration, such as that only the holder of the CNPJ can sign the document, another process is necessary in cases where the holder is changed.

Contact for questions about the DBE

For anyone who has questions about how to access the DBE, contact the Revenue Service at 0800-170110.

As we have seen, accessing the DBE is very easy and it is also very important to understand how the document works. Make your DBE right now if you want to work as a Legal Entity!

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