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How to access secret iPhone emoticons • ENTER.CO

Just as MySpace was before Facebook, emoticons existed before emojis. Although very few people use them anymore, they are ‘expensive’ that are made with some symbols, even letters; they were something like: “(~ v ~)”. Although several years have passed since emoticons were forgotten, an emoticon keyboard still exists.

This keyboard is “hidden” in the iPhone, which was equipped with a series of typographical symbols to create those emoticons, but with more “appropriate” symbols. Fortunately, cell phones are configured to have several keyboards at the same time, so you can easily intersperse between your traditional keyboard and the emoji keyboard.

As we mentioned initially, this keyboard is part of the Japanese iPhone keyboard, which is a little different from the one we know. Therefore, it will be necessary to add it to your phone; To do this, go to the cell phone settings, go to the ‘general’ section and go to ‘keyboard’. You will see an option called ‘keyboards’, when entering you must go to the ‘add new keyboard’ button. You’ll need to look for ‘Japanese’; after selecting it hit ‘kana’, followed by ‘ok’ at the top. Done, now you have the Japanese keyboard with its respective emoticons.

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How to use emoticon keyboard?

Remember that it is an ordinary keyboard, that is, you can use it in any social network, application, etc. So, when you are in the conversation where you want to use the emoticons, you must press and hold the balloon that appears in the lower left. There you will select the Japanese keyboard. After this, you must press the white icon also on the lower left edge; then press the arrow to the right of the keyboard. Now you just have to select the emoticon that best suits you and that’s it.

If you want to go back to your normal keyboard, just enter the globe again and select it.

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