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How the transit of Saturn through Pisces will impact your karma

One of the most anticipated astrological aspects of 2023 is the transit of Saturn through Pisces, which has begun to occur this Tuesday, March 7. The planet of the rings is associated with karma and discipline, so it tends to point out where the biggest obstacles in the world are located.

Saturn had hovered over Aquarius since 2019 so the lesson he taught us was distance, detachment and innovation, for the next three years he will be located in Pisces, a sign that blurs the limits, the restrictions will begin to “thaw”, predict astrologers in Elite Daily, which It will allow each of us usually in big and out of the norms.

This planet hadn’t been in Pisces in 27 years.which means that we begin a new cycle that will end until February 13, 2026.

What is the meaning of Saturn in Pisces?

Saturn is the planet that rules structure, responsibilities, discipline, and karma. Pisces in turn is an emotional and intuitive water sign ruled by Neptune, the star in charge of dreams and the spiritual world.

When the energy of both is combined it means that the energy of order, discipline and control will not be easy to implement. It will be a period where we must strive to set limits in areas where we have difficulties.

How does Saturn in Pisces impact your karma?

With this transit, you begin a karmic journey in which you become aware of how things work in the spiritual world. You may see things from a deeper perspective, which means you are unable to help others if you are too overwhelmed by your negative emotions.

The karmic energy that you will experience will face your emotions and inner world, as explained by astrologers in Ask Astrology. Your external life will be exemplary, but internally you could be plagued by emotional difficulties that you have carried over the years.

The lesson we will learn during this transit is associated with spirituality, although we might experience confusion, at the end of this journey we will have more awareness and spiritual courage.

Saturn in Pisces makes us compassionate in naturewhich means that some people can take advantage of us, so we will have to work to realize that helping others does not mean solving their problems, but providing the tools for them to solve their difficulties and depend on themselves.

In short, we must not allow emotions to get in the way of our success, learn to be neutral so as not to get too involved and thus avoid feeling overwhelmed by everything.

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