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How the pix transfer limit works

The popularization of Pix also led to the rise of scams and crimes using the tool. For this reason, the Central Bank decided to institute the so-called Pix limit, whose objective is to limit transactions carried out using this tool. Let’s see more about that now.

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What is the pix download limit?

Pix Limit is a way to limit the amount of money you can transfer, or to limit the number of transactions you carry out in a given period. This Pix limit can occur depending on the platform to be used, the day of the week or even the time at which the Pix transaction is being carried out.

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Why is there pix transfer limit?

The Pix limit exists as a way to increase the security of this tool. There are many scams being applied by social engineering techniques, phishing, among countless other methods. These scams are usually aimed at the victim making a Pix transfer to the thief, so limiting the amount of money that can be transferred is a way to minimize damage if the victim actually falls for a scam. We reinforce that Pix is ​​an extremely safe tool, however, this security measure is necessary since, as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

What pix limit on each bank?

There is no way to provide a standard answer, each bank is free to set its own limits on Pix transfers. However, the minimum threshold must be the same value that is available for TED transferstarting from there the limitations to be established.

How to know my pix limit

You can find out your Pix limit through your bank’s app, or even go directly to the agency. As mentioned earlier, the limit value varies from bank to bank.

How to change pix transfer limit

You can change the Pix transfer limit through the bank app you use, or by going to a bank agency and asking for help doing so. Each institution has its own rules on raising the limit, so be sure to find out.

What is Night Limit?

The nighttime Pix limit was a limit established in order to help alleviate a major problem that was and is still occurring: lightning hijacking. Many kidnappers kidnap their victims and force them to pass all the money in the account to them through Pix, and these kidnappings mostly occur at night. Therefore, the Central Bank established this limit in order to limit the amount of money that criminals could steal per victim and thus discourage criminality.

Benefits of pix transfer limit

The main benefits of the Pix limit are related to security. The vast majority of people will not move large amounts of money at once in a normal situation, so in addition to being almost imperceptible, these limitations increase our security in the difficult times we are living.

As we mentioned earlier, the popularization of Pix unfortunately also led to the popularization of scams and the like using this tool, so the Pix limit came as a way to help with this problem and make Pix an even safer money transfer tool.

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