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How the Iti credit card works

Are you looking for a credit card or a digital account that earns 100% of the CDI? Discover the Iti credit card.

Undoubtedly, the credit card is an item that can save us in moments of urgency and nowadays we can count on several means to acquire a credit card. In addition, we can count on digital banks.

The Iti credit card is 100% digital and in this content you will understand everything about it. Keep reading to check it out.

What this article covers:

What is Iti?

The digital bank Iti belongs to Itaú and was created to make people’s lives easier. It yields 100% of the CDI rate and has a multitude of advantages and services.

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The Iti credit card offers customers several benefits. It has no annual fee, has payment by approximation and also has a super complete and didactic application.

How does the Iti credit card work?

It is very easy and practical to have the Iti credit card, as it offers a digital version, in addition to the physical one, thus enabling online purchases, even before the card arrives at your home. After the request, once the Iti credit card is approved for you, you can use the digital version of it.

Like any credit card, the Iti credit card has a limit and it varies according to the analysis made by the score.

What are the Iti credit card fees?

The Iti credit card has some fees, check them out below:

  • Invoice installment 9.46%;
  • Revolving interest 14.05%.

You need to factor in fees and interest before you even apply for a credit card. That’s why it’s always good to do market research.

How to apply for the Iti credit card?

The Iti credit card can be requested directly through the application or through the website. It is not necessary to go to the bank to apply, this process can be done completely online for both the iti credit card and to open an Iti account??

How to apply for the Iti credit card
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As already mentioned, the Iti digital account earns 100% of the CDI, which is a bonus and one of the biggest reasons to attract people’s attention.

Does the Iti credit card have a negative option?

A positive point of the Iti credit card is that negative people can apply, but the chances of being approved are minimal. Banks usually look for customers who are good payers and have a clean name in the market, so it’s very important to pay your bills on time.

What are the advantages of the Iti credit card?

Those who have an Iti credit card have several advantages. Check what they are:

  • digital account;
  • application;
  • no annuity;
  • virtual card;
  • there is no membership fee;
  • Visa Platinum flag.

Among all the benefits already mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of the Iti credit card is having the Visa Platinum brand. With it, the customer has access to several exclusive benefits that it offers.

Not to mention that whoever invites new customers to apply for the card earns a cash bonus. In addition, having full control of the card through the application is one of the main advantages.

If you want a card that has the benefits of accumulating points, miles and cashback, it is ideal for you, but if you are looking for a card with exclusive benefits, the Iti credit card will not be able to serve you.

You just got to know the Iti credit card and all its advantages. Now it remains to decide whether or not to take the initiative to request it.

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