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How the Income Tax Exemption works for retirees and pensioners with cancer

Income Tax Exemption for retirees and pensioners with cancer can be requested by calling 135 on INSSin order to be able to make an appointment and deliver the medical report with the necessary information.

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What are the data on cancer in Brazil and the main campaigns to disseminate prevention?

The number of cases was 522,212, with about 260,000 deaths due to cancer, and those that most predominate in women are breast cancer with 29.7% and colon cancer with 9.2%. In the case of men, the highest incidence is in prostate cancer with 29.2%.

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In October there is Pink October, which deals with the prevention of breast cancer in women, and in November there is Blue November for men, who must undergo a prostate exam.

breast cancer prevention

Government websites explain that breast cancer itself cannot be completely prevented, due to the cancer cells that arise and cannot be modified, however, there are ways to fight the disease before it appears.

For this reason, government websites create articles that explain how it should be done: it is important to know that one of the risk factors that cause cancer would be overweight, little or no exercise, and excessive alcohol consumption.

It is possible to estimate that, through a healthy diet and physical activities, the probability of developing breast cancer can be reduced by about 28%. It is important to do your best to control your weight and always avoid eating processed foods. Breastfeeding is another protective factor against this cancer.

Prostate cancer

It has now been proven that having a diet extremely rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, which contain less fat, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

There are other ways to keep your body healthy and prevent yourself from this cancer, which deserve full attention, which would be the regular practice of physical exercises, always keeping your weight according to your height, in addition to giving up drinking and smoking.

Blue November is created as a way to prevent prostate cancer. The exam is done quickly and will serve to verify if your health is in order.

How can a retiree or pensioner with cancer apply for Income Tax Exemption?

In order to obtain income tax exemption for retirees and pensioners with cancer, it will be necessary for the beneficiary to make an appointment via telephone 135, in addition to delivering the medical report proving the health problem to an agency of the National Institute of Social Security itself ( INSS), which will no longer deduct the tax on payments.

What diseases can get Income Tax Exemption?

The diseases that guarantee income tax exemption are active tuberculosis, mental alienation, sclerosis, neoplasty, blindness, leprosy, paralysis, serious heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, spondyloarthritis, nephropathy, liver disease, deforming osteitis, AIDS and contamination by radiation. All guarantee exemption, requiring an expert medical report to prove them.

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