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How the Colombian Diana Trujillo came to NASA • ENTER.CO

Diana Trujillo, a Colombian engineer, was delegated as Flight Director at NASA. To get her there she went through exploration missions to Mars with the Rover Curiosity, and Rover Perseverance; on missions from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Center in California. She was director of surface flight with perseverance including the commissioning and deployment of the Ingenuity Martian Helicopter.

From the NASA Twitter account in Spanish, made a Twitter Space today with the Colombian engineer where they interviewed her about her new role in the space agency. You can enter the link to listen to the entire interview, but we have also gathered the most interesting questions and answers.

What is the role of a Flight Director?

It is the person who is in charge of working with the team that analyzes and evaluates a vehicle, sometimes they are activities in real time on the space station or on Mars. The flight director is the individual who listens to the entire team when they are doing the analysis, checks if there are problems or not and how fast it is necessary to react and work with the team to understand when the next step in the flight is going to be taken. mission.

How did you get to NASA?

I came for a summer internship, which was an introduction to the space industry. Everybody passed me that emotion that researching space is the best thing you can do. I finally graduated as a rocket scientist in Maryland.

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As a Latin woman, how does it feel to achieve your goal knowing that there would be obstacles?

As a Latin woman, I feel very happy to have gotten to where I am. There are always obstacles in anything one is going to do, be it easy or difficult, one always finds a stone in one’s shoe that makes things more difficult. All my life I trained myself to think that I couldn’t, one gets off the horse oneself, one thinks “it might be better for others, but not for me”; It took me a long time to think how to get off that tone. The biggest obstacle was retraining myself to think that I can, that I am an individual with a brain that can contribute regardless of where I come from or who I am or how I am. The idea is to reach the goal collaborating with other people and if I myself don’t believe in what I’m doing, I don’t contribute and I’ll be sad because I won’t be able to do what I wanted to do from the beginning.

Was consistency the key to getting this far?

I would say, discipline is necessary to get to where I have arrived, to understand how long there is in the day and to set the goal, to understand what one wants to do, if you really want to do it, you find a way to move forward.

What would you say to young Hispanic women who admire you and want to achieve the same as you?

Make it forward. I listen to my grandmother, she told me: “Make him mija”. Value your dreams, only you know why you want that, look for people who can help you, there are many people who will want to help you. This place does not belong to certain people, the space is for everyone, it has no barriers, since we are trying to find out what is there, everyone has to help us. Come and join us because we need you.

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