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how the best airfare deals work

There are several sites that are focused on finding the best deals on airline tickets, as in the case of 123 Milhas, which has a motto, which would be to fly more with little expense. This is a site that offers up to 50% discount on ticket prices, all thanks to the miles market.

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What is 123 Miles?

123 Milhas is a platform on which you earn airline miles within the market and issue airline tickets with great discounts for both domestic and international flights. Unlike some other companies, at 123 Milhas it is not necessary to have miles or a credit card linked at the time of purchase to get a promotion on the ticket.

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After combining this market need with technology as one of its resources, 123 Milhas became able to fill the demand of offering airline tickets at great discounts to a large number of people.

How does 123 Miles work?

123 Milhas works in the same way as other travel sites. purchase of tickets, however, on this platform, the company purchases customer miles and then resells them as airline tickets. It can even offer discounts that are greater than 50%, which is what they currently guarantee. This way, the tickets end up being cheaper, which is a great value for the final buyer.

However, it is necessary to take some basic precautions when purchasing tickets and also be aware of the conditions and rules of each promotion. As they are tickets issued using miles from other people, the ideal is to try to understand where these miles come from.

How to buy at 123 Miles?

First of all, to purchase tickets through 123 Milhas, you must enter the company’s website. The second step is to inform your origin and destination, the day the trip will take place, the return and the number of passengers. Finally, just click on the “search” option, select the ideal trip and complete the purchase in “Place order” so that the ticket checkout can begin.

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