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How Tall Is Levi Ackerman ? Levi Ackerman Age, Height

I never know what’s right, it’s always been that way. Although I trust my strengths, and also the actions of my teammates in this squad, no one knows what will happen in the end. So do not regret, and make a decision for yourself.Quote2.png
— Levi asking Eren to take an initiative. [4]

Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマンRivai Akkāman ? ) , also referred to as Captain Levi (リヴァイ兵長Rivai Heichō ? ) , is the squad captain (兵士長Heishichō ? , literally ” squad leader of the special operations soldiers”) of the Corps . of Scouting , and is known as “mankind’s strongest soldier”.


Levi Ackerman Height

He is a person of short stature and a thin but flexible physique, this being an advantage when using the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment, allowing him to have more speed and agility. His hair is black, short and straight, keeping the temples and nape shaved (like many male characters). His eyes are small, thin, and bluish-gray in color. He is characterized by his permanent skeptical expression, which seems to be unchanging.


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Criminal (formerly)Soldier (formerly)

How Tall Is Levi Ackerman in real?

Levi was severely malnourished when he was young. That, along with his mother’s sickness and the complete lack of sunlight, may explain a lot about his short stature.

Levi lived in an underground city, where there was no sunlight. Since sunlight converts a natural chemical in our skin into vitamin D, it wouldn’t be surprising if Levi Ackermann were severely deficient in vitamin D. This could have stunted his growth and interfered with his bone development.

Furthermore, Levi Ackermann also suffers from insomnia. He doesn’t consider sleep an event, and he doesn’t care much about the 8-hour sleep rule. And as we all know, growth hormone needs adequate rest to take full effect. Therefore, Levi Ackermann is quite short, specifically 1.57 m (5 feet 2 inches).


Levi Ackerman Height

He has frequently been seen wearing the standard military uniform, which on expeditions is underneath the green Scout Corps cloak. When he was forced to take rest due to his ankle injury, he was dressed in a black suit and tie [5] . He particularly wears a casual outfit consisting of a green shirt and blue jeans. [6]

He lost his right eye and three fingers on his left hand after receiving a point-blank explosion caused by Zeke Jaeger with a Lightning Spear , with which he also left a scar that runs from his chin to his forehead on the right side of his face. .

In the epilogue of the story, three years after the Rumble , Levi wears a formal suit with leather shoes and uses a wheelchair due to being paralyzed after the fight against Eren .


Levi is a serious person, with a firm character and clear ideas. He has great respect for discipline and is a conscript with enormous potential to be a leader, as his orders are always clear and precise, with no one daring to question his authority. His seriousness and coldness convey that kind of respect, especially this first factor, being someone of few words and who very rarely expresses his feelings. He knows perfectly well the responsibility that comes with managing a group of soldiers, and that depending on how his orders are, he can lead those soldiers to certain death.

His expression varies between seriousness and neutrality, being very unusual to see him smile. However, that’s not to say you don’t feel anything. It is true that he is not the most emotional person on the planet, but that does not justify the fact that he is not sensitive or empathetic. He cares about his comrades and those people in whom he has placed his trust. He tries to do everything possible to protect them and always thinks through his actions, trying to do as little damage as possible. However, being a leader, he shouldn’t openly show those feelings and hence he hides everything behind a serious and somewhat distant expression.

He does not let himself be flattered by words, since he prefers to be guided by actions than by false promises. He is somewhat suspicious of people he doesn’t know, but once those people earn his trust, they become someone he holds in high esteem, even though he is not someone who flatters with words.

How Tall Is Levi Ackerman

He is small in size, but despite this, he shows the mind and maturity of an adult, as well as the cunning of a soldier who has been through all kinds of hardships. It is easy to make him angry, but very difficult to make him angry enough to lose his temper. He has just the right amount of patience and always seems to have a word for every situation.

He tends to get annoyed by non-serious things, such as boos from a crowd, voices that are too loud, and especially actions committed in an imprudent manner. With these types of people he has very little patience and tends to ignore them or give them warning looks to correct their attitude.

He is quite a perfectionist and has an unhealthy obsession with order and cleanliness, being called a “clean freak” by Hange Zoë .


Three Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment

Levi is a genius at using the Three Dimensional Maneuvers . Many civilians have commented that he is as powerful as 100 soldiers put together. Unlike the other soldiers, he uses his two sabers in a different way than the traditional one, the one on the left points up and the one on the right points down, forming a complete circle that is positioned diagonally, which when propelled with the gas and spin, allows you to land multiple effective slashes at your target at high speed. His ability is such that he was able to effortlessly disable Annie Leonhart in her Titan form (a 14 meter Titan).


In addition to his great skills with the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Team, he is considered a genius; someone who knows how to make decisions under pressure and not panic, capable of analyzing the situation and finding a solution that has saved him and his colleagues from danger on several occasions. He also boasts a strong and strong mental capacity.


Despite his short stature, Levi stands out for his extraordinary physical strength and great skill in hand-to-hand combat.

How Tall Is Levi Ackerman

He has often used it to get what he wants through torture, an example of which was the torture of Djel Sanes, where he was able to knock out a few of his teeth with one blow, [7] or the beating he gave an officer of the Central Military Police, because with a kick he was able to break his jaw. [8]Levi’s Stats [9] :

skill in battle11/10


Eren jaeger

Levi inspires great respect for his part in Eren. At first, Levi treated him like she was scum, due to his titan power. Getting to know him a little better, Levi began to treat Eren like most others do: respectfully and coolly. However, Levi also becomes a mentor and mentor to Eren, understanding the young man’s great potential and what he is capable of, Levi offers advice in Eren’s moments of doubt. From now on he sees it as a door of freedom for humanity.

hange zoë

Levi met Hange during his first expedition as part of the Survey Corps. Levi didn’t immediately hit it off with Hange upon meeting her, but her relationship improved over the years. By the events of the story, Levi and Hange are on better terms, though Levi is annoyed with her for her obsession with capturing Titans, and he doesn’t like her recklessness. Levi is becoming more familiar with Hange, he is able to berate her when she gets carried away with it. After years of working side by side, the two share a strong bond of trust, and Levi doesn’t doubt any theories he might have about the Titans, even though he may not like knowing about them himself.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa held a grudge against Levi for the way he treated Eren in the trial, however their relationship turned around when Levi helps save Eren when he is captured by the Female Titan . Levi expresses understanding towards her.

Erwin Smith

In their meeting, their relationship was not initially friendly, after being captured and blackmailed by Erwin to join the Survey Corps , Levi wanted to assassinate him as he held a grudge against him, but later chose to put his revenge aside. Eventually, Levi became one of the few people he would trust. Before the battle to retake Shiganshina, Erwin gave Levi the scalpel containing the Titan Serum, trusting that when the time came, he would make the right decision. At the climax of the battle of Shiganshina, Levi convinced Erwin to sacrifice himself to ensure victory and in the middle of their conversation Levi promised Erwin that he would kill the Beast Titan.. Despite being victorious, Levi was frustrated and upset that he couldn’t keep his promise to Erwin and when he had to choose who to revive with the serum he decided to let his Commander rest in peace.

How Tall Is Levi Ackerman

Four years later, Levi shows that he has not forgotten his promise to Erwin and shows his intention to kill Zeke Jaeger . During the battle against Eren in the Rumble, Levi killed Zeke after he “revived” by leaving the Roads , finally being able to fulfill his promise to Erwin.

Kenny Ackermann

Kenny was Levi’s uncle, after Kuchel ‘s death , the man took the boy in and taught him to defend himself against the dangers that abounded in the underground city . Ackerman later abandoned his nephew before he joined the Survey Corps. Kenny has stated that Levi is the “pride of him” of him, despite the fact that they both grew to hate each other.

Zeke Jaeger

As the leader of the Warriors unit , Zeke is perhaps Levi’s greatest enemy. During the Battle in Shiganshina District Levi seriously injured Zeke and Zeke subsequently ordered his Titans to kill the captain. The warrior chief expressed his surprise and fear to see that Levi had not only killed the titans but also managed to follow him to his location, so he decided to flee the place rather than face him again. Four years later, the two establish a truce as part of an alliance between the rebels led by Zeke and the Survey Corps, although this does not mean that their hatred for each other has disappeared, as Levi has shown that he still mistrusts Zeke’s intentions. While keeping an eye on him, Zeke using his power transformed everyone who drank a specific wine into Titans. After a second confrontation Levi defeats him, leaving him seriously injured and took him hostage, in addition to implanting a Cast Lightning to prevent it from moving. However, Zeke activated the Spear and caused an explosion where Levi was severely injured, and Zeke was left near death but survived.

During the confrontation in the Rumble, after Zeke managed to get out of the Roads, Levi without hesitation decapitated him, killing him instantly.

people killed

  • Duran : After shooting Kenny in a bar, Levi threw a chair out the back window to confuse the Central Military Police soldiers and, in one swift motion, used the grappling hook from his 3D maneuvering gear to impale Duran’s neck , whose corpse was used by Levi as a shield against enemy bullets.
  • Various members of the Anti-Human Suppression Squad : Levi used the blades of his 3D maneuvering gear to kill a dozen of Kenny’s subordinates, both in the encounter they had at the bar, and in the Reiss Chapel during the rescue of Eren and History .
  • Zeke Jaeger  : During the final fight against Eren during the Rumble, Zeke managed to get out of the Roads thanks to the help of the ancient bearers of the titan powers. After coming out and “reviving”, Levi took advantage of his carelessness and quickly lopped off his head, killing him instantly.


  • Erwin Smith : Getting carried away by his personal feelings and feeling that Erwin did not deserve to go back to “hell”, Levi leaves the commander of the Survey Corps to die after deciding to inject Armin with the titan serum.
  • Bertolt Hoover – Levi injected Armin with the serum to turn him into a Titan and save him from death. Immediately afterwards, Armin goes towards Bertolt (who was immobilized) and devours him, thus acquiring his titan powers.
How Tall Is Levi Ackerman


  • Levi was ranked second with 1,316 votes in the 2017 popularity poll.
  • According to Hange, Levi is good at everything except cooking.
  • He is credited with the literal title “leader of the soldiers” (兵士長Heishichō ? ) among the Survey Corps. Said title is often shortened and translated as “Captain” (兵长Heichō ? ) . That nickname was coined by the soldiers who follow him on his missions.
  • It is revealed that Levi smiles whenever he sees a new cleaning product (which could indicate that he suffers from a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder [OCD]).
  • Levi’s age has yet to be revealed, but according to Hajime Isayama mentioned in an interview, Levi is “surprisingly old”, but he refused to give an exact answer. [10] However, he has subsequently claimed that Levi is “over 30 years of age”. [11] Subsequently, Isayama was interviewed in February 2016, and when questioned about Levi’s age, Levi replied that he was “in his late thirties”. However, Marina Inoue (the voice actress of Armin Arlert ) clarified that Isayama made a mistake due to his nervousness, and he asked her to rectify it for him, clarifying that Levi is actually in his “early thirties”. [12]This claim was again confirmed in the “Attack on Titan ANSWERS” guide. [13]
  • His name is inspired by a character from the American documentary Jesus Camp . [14]
  • Levi’s name is of Hebrew origin and means “to be united” or “to feel affection”; in the Bible he is one of the twelve sons of Jacob (Israel).
    • Levi is also a diminutive of the Hungarian name “Levente”, which means “existing” (of Slavic origin).
  • His height, some features of his clothing and small details of his attitude were inspired by the character of Rorschach, from the famous Watchmen comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
  • Levi’s short stature was inspired by General Ushiwakamaru (Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s childhood name), the popular character Astro Boy and Kyuzo, from the 1954 film The Seven Samurai. [15]
  • Levi sleeps approximately 2-3 hours. [fifteen]
  • Isayama has stated that if he could say one thing to Levi, it would be to “Go quickly to sleep”, as Levi suffers from brief bouts of insomnia. Also, Levi doesn’t change his clothes before going to sleep. Instead of sleeping in a bed, Levi often sleeps in his chair. [fifteen]
  • In Levi’s perspective, the best at cleaning is Eren. [fifteen]
  • Levi belongs to type A blood group. [15]
  • Levi was aware that Auruo Brossard was imitating him, and it was something he found quite annoying. [fifteen]
  • Levi takes three minutes of combat showers . [fifteen]
  • Levi’s tolerance for alcohol isn’t bad, more specifically, he doesn’t get drunk. [fifteen]
  • Living in the underground city amid unsanitary conditions during his youth, Levi longed for a clean house. That may be the reason for his obsession with cleanliness. [fifteen]
  • Levi considers the new equipment used by the recruits who joined the Scout Corps to be “young stuff”, which is why he still uses the traditional army equipment. [16]

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