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How often should we wash our hair?

Many people wonder how often to wash their hair. If you don’t know either, clarify your doubts then.

Knowing how often we should Wash the hair It mainly concerns people with longer hair, for fear of damaging and weakening the longer strands. However, people with short hair also have the same doubts – not least because there are those who say that the roots can weaken if the hair is washed with water too often. Are there grounds for these popular beliefs?

When to wash your hair: what you need to know

In fact, there isn’t just one answer to the question about how often to wash your hair. This is because each case is different, each person has a different lifestyle and each personal routine will require different care with the threads.

The frequency with which we should wash our hair is directly linked to our lifestyle: if we practice some kind of physical activity on a daily basis, we may feel the need to wash our hair more regularly, in some cases even daily. This happens because sweat – which is also expelled through the pores of the scalp – will make the strands greasy and look unpleasant.

If our daily activity is less intense, there is no need to wash our hair every day, as the strands will keep a nice, shiny and silky look for longer. In any case, it is advisable to always use a shampoo suitable for your hair type to increase the effectiveness of each wash.

Using shampoo every day: yes or no?

We can assure you: washing your hair every day, or using shampoo daily, does not harm the hair roots, much less rot them, as is also heard around. These myths and beliefs, usually spread by older people, are based on the fact that in the past people did not have as regular hygiene habits as we do today – not least because there were no conditions for that – and they found the new practices strange.

You shampoos available on the market a few years ago did not have the quality of those available today and, in many cases, people only used soap for hair hygiene. The results were not always the best and, therefore, some distrust persisted until today. There are high quality hair products available on the market today and these fears are completely unfounded.

If you tend to straighten your hair, or have colored hair and therefore would like to reduce the number of weekly washes, know that you can use dry shampoo – increasingly popular -, so that your hair does not lose color or hair so quickly. straightening.

Wash your hair once a week?

According to experts, there is a catch: it is not advisable to go more than 5 days without washing your hair – this is because the scalp is always producing sebum which must be removed, at least every 5 days, to ensure health ( both the hair strands and the scalp itself). This reference is for people with dry or “normal” hair. For those with oily hair, the orientation is for it to be washed more frequently.

Heads up: All these tips are for people with healthy hair and scalp. If you suffer from any specific problem, you should always consult a dermatologist and follow their advice and instructions.

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