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How much money MrBeast earns, the most successful millionaire Youtuber

The famous American youtuber rose to the top of the list of creators with the highest turnover in 2022. But, in reality, how much money does he earn Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldsonbetter known as “Mrbeast”, is one of the most famous and iconic content creators of all time.

Although he created his channel in 2012, he had to wait until 2017 to become one of the best-known personalities on this platform. Currently, her channel has 135 million subscribers and is one of the most lucrative in the world.

What were your origins as a Youtuber?

The story of MrBeast it is full of nuances. It could honestly inspire you if you’re excited about making money online (specifically on social platforms).

Without a doubt, social networks have become a very lucrative channel for millions of digital creators around the world.

Let’s say that if you manage to build a massive audience, the money will start flowing quickly into your accounts. As happened in the case of MrBeast!

How did this whole phenomenon start? Donaldson joined YouTube in 2012 under the name “Mrbeast6000”, without anticipating that it would become a revolution on the web.

Although his videos did not have sound, and were also recorded with a laptop, in a short time they captured the attention of 10,000 subscribers.

In 2016, he realized that fame was beginning to smile on his face and he decided to drop out of community college in 2016 to become a full-time YouTuber and start earning money from YouTube.

Back then, his mother didn’t see the potential of that decision and ended up kicking him out of his house, but this didn’t stop him for a second. MrBeast He had a goal in mind and he finally conquered it.

His first videos were focused on video games, such as call of duty either Minecraft, but as his audience began to diversify, he also began to vary his content.

The challenges that forged his fortune

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In his new videos he talked about the billing of other youtubers, and even about the fortunes that other brilliant minds had amassed, such as Bill Gates.

Then he began to meet challenges such as counting to 10,000, or spending 24 hours straight underwater.

He also set himself more risky challenges, like spending 50 hours in Antarctica, or being buried alive in a coffin for 50 hours.

These types of videos established him as a unique and irreverent personality on YouTube. Consequently, the followers began to arrive in surprising numbers and the rest is history.

Right now, MrBeast He is one of the most disruptive youtubers on the planet and currently lives 100% of his passion.

Also, his channel has 135 million subscribers and he has become a true “Money Maker” of the modern era.

How much money does he make Mr Beast?

the story of mrbeast youtuber

How much money does he make mrbeast? That is the question that many ask themselves. If you are one of them, this information will be interesting for you.

In 2022, Forbes reported that this successful American youtuber had a fortune of $500 million dollars.

Likewise, it placed him on the podium of the content creators with the highest income from the Internet, since only last year he had a turnover of $54 million dollars.

It is true that he has turned his YouTube channel into a real gold mine, but it must also be noted that he is a great entrepreneur and businessman.

Indeed, his fortune has not derived solely from his content creation. He also owes it to the companies and ventures that he has promoted in recent years.

Currently, he receives incredible contracts by collaborating with brands, and his fame on other platforms, such as Facebook either TikTok it is also adding digits to your accounts at an accelerated rate.

Forbes recently reported that if his fortune continues to climb at the speed of light, it is very likely that he will become the first youtuber to reach the billion dollar figure.

Mr Beast Burger It also deserves a standing ovation, since in record time it managed to become the “fastest growing restaurant brand” in the U.S.

In 2021 that company generated $70 million in annual sales and in 2022 sales were close to $100 million.

The virality that underlies giving away money

On one occasion he won $10,000, and instead of keeping it, he gave it to a homeless man.

That action marked a before and after in Donaldson’s life, as it helped him understand the virality underlying giving away money.

That same experience inspired him to create a new pillar of content on his YouTube channel, and the result blew him away. Literally!

Since then, MrBeast He has not stopped giving money to his subscribers, and has even been generous with several random people.

On his YouTube channel you can see videos in which he tips $10,000 dollars to a driver of uberor $20,000 to a waitress.

If you were wondering how much money he earns MrBeast, those types of videos are likely to put a very high figure on your head.

During a recent interview, Donaldson said: “This is a world where I take $10,000, set it on fire, and make $20,000.” He knows very well how to multiply his income with ease.

Videos in which he gives away money have become increasingly popular. He has even created highly elaborate scenarios to complete his challenges and the rewards range from $10,000 to $1 million.

Some of his videos demand a budget of up to $3 million dollars, and although the production phase is very expensive, the rewards are even more juicy and lucrative.

The most viral challenges of MrBeast

Donaldson has been able to take advantage of other world successes to adapt them to its content, such as the famous series of Netflix, “The Squid Game.”

MrBeast recreated the games from the television show, (except for deaths), with 456 participants competing for $456,000 dollars, and that video became one of the most viewed on the platform (so far it has more than 370 million views).

Besides money, MrBeast He has also given extravagant gifts in his videos, such as a plane, a boat, a Lamborghini, and an island.

His philanthropic facet

Its content is not based solely on out-of-the-box challenges. Actually, MrBeast he has also done a lot in terms of philanthropy.

Donaldson has given 10,000 gifts for Christmas, once paid for the operation of a thousand blind people and has even cleaned the dirtiest beach in the world.

Additionally, he has donated $200,000 to unemployed people and a million dollars in food to the most needy.

With his subscribers he has also had dazzling gifts. For example, when he reached 40 million followers, he contacted the subscriber who helped him achieve that feat and gave him 40 cars.

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Find out how he amassed his fortune

We already talked about the estimated fortune that this youtuber has, according to Forbes.

But, what are those sources of income that have made him one of the wealthiest influencers in the world?

We know his videos have millions and millions of views, but how much money does he make MrBeast only with Youtube?

Earnings are estimated to be between one and two million dollars a month. And those numbers could double if he maintains his popularity, virality, and leadership on this platform for years to come.

In parallel, he receives about $8 million dollars a month in sponsorship, and about $2 million additional dollars, each month, selling merchandise in his online store.

On average, MrBeast earns $12 million per month; without counting the money that enters their accounts thanks to their other profitable business.

As if that were not enough, MrBeast You are the sole owner of your studio. He plans to sell 10% in the immediate future and if this action is completed, it will add $150 million more to his balance sheet.

The business of being a YouTuber and influencer

The monetization of social platforms is the order of the day; and it is enough to investigate how much money he earns MrBeast to corroborate this information.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most irreverent youtubers in the world; as well as a diamond in the rough for dozens of brands, businessmen, entrepreneurs and sponsors around the world.

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