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How much is Julián Araujo, the Mexican soccer player who wants FC Barcelona, ​​valued?

Araujo belongs to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Getty Images

In the last stage inside El Tri, Gerardo Martino looked sideways at the Mexicans who played in Major League Soccer. But only one was taken into account in their calls. Julián Araujo is one of the “jewels” who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy and who has caught the attention of FC Barcelona.

For bureaucratic issues, the transaction of Julián Araujo to FC Barcelona could not materialize. The Mexican side was a few seconds away from becoming a new player for the Blaugrana team.

In the first instance, Julián Araujo was going to be part of the Barcelona B, a club led by Rafa Márquez. But the international projection and filming that the Aztec has had I could quickly lead him to the first team.

How much does Julian Araujo cost?

At just 21 years old, Araujo has become one of the most valuable players in the Los Angeles Galaxy and MLS. The Mexican defender is valued at $6.5 million dollarsa fairly high value for a player of his age and who plays defense.

At his young age, Araujo has already played 111 games in his professional career. The Aztec can boast of a great offensive contribution with 2 goals and 14 assists since his debut. The 21-year-old winger has also represented the Mexican National Team 3 times against Suriname, Panama and Chile.

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