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How much does it cost to play 9 numbers in the mega sena? Check it out now!

With the chance to increase the probability of winning the Mega Sena jackpot, many people wonder how much it costs to play 9 Mega Sena numbers. In fact, this practice is often carried out with the popular sweepstakes, in which several people pool the necessary amount for this type of bet, hoping to increase their chances of winning.

With that in mind, here we separate all the necessary information for citizens who want to know better their chances in a bet with more numbers, in addition to, of course, detailing how much it costs to play 9 numbers in the Mega Sena.

What this article covers:

What is Mega Sena?

Mega Sena is a betting category of Loterias Caixa, considered the most popular in Brazil thanks to the high value of its prize pool. With draws held twice a week, the category, as the name implies, randomly selects six numbers, and the player who manages to nail all the numbers is the big winner. In case of more than one winner, the prize is shared equally between them.

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To place bets, the player must choose at least six tens on the wheel and make the payment, thus competing for the draw, which, if there is no winner, accumulates its prize for the contest.

How much does it cost to play 9 numbers in Mega Sena?

As mentioned before, if players want, they can place a bet with more than the basic six tens of the category, paying an additional price for each number. But to answer, finally, how much does it cost to play 9 numbers in the mega sena, this value is R$378.00, a relatively high amount for a bet made by a single person.

However, if the bettor is interested, there is the possibility of a bet with 9 numbers being made through a pool with several people, something that, in addition to increasing the chances of winning, is more affordable in the players’ pockets.

What is the minimum amount to bet on the Mega Sena?

If how much it costs to play 9 numbers in the Mega Sena is a little too much for your finances, it is worth remembering that the minimum bet, where you choose only the 6 numbers, has a lower cost. In this case, the minimum bet amount is around R$ 4.50.

What is the minimum amount to bet on the Mega Sena
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In addition, the player can also ask for the popular little surprises, where the lottery system itself selects the 6 random tens that will be bet, without any additional cost in the value of the bet.

How is the Mega Sena jackpot calculated?

In each draw, the value of the Mega Sena prize is calculated based on the amount that was collected in the previous draw, of which 43.45% of the collection is directed towards the maximum prize pool. In addition, as previously mentioned, there is the possibility of the draw being accumulated, if there is no winner, with this amount being added in the next draw.

As for the winners, those who match five numbers receive 35% of the amount raised for the award, while those who match four numbers receive about 19% of that amount. Also, 5% of the amount raised is set aside for the Mega Sena da Virada, a special draw that always takes place at the end of the year.

Now that you know better how much 9 numbers cost of the Mega Sena, as well as the minimum amount of bets, you can better analyze your options to have more chances of winning the grand prize, either alone or in a group, with a syndicate. The important thing is that the decision is, in addition to attractive, compatible with your pocket.

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