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How much does a Birth Certificate cost?

The birth certificate is one of the most essential documents for us Brazilians. It is the first document that recognizes us as Brazilian citizens and that will still be used in many moments of our lives. Therefore, many wonder about the cost of the Birth Certificate.

Let’s learn more about what a Birth Certificate is and what it costs, how to get it done and other useful information about this important document.

What this article covers:

What is the cost of the Birth Certificate?

From the moment a baby is born, its parents must go to the nearest registry office and register the birth.

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With the registration of the birth of the child, the parents have 15 days to submit the application for the Birth Certificate. If the parents live more than 30 KM from a registry office, this deadline is 90 days.

Both the birth registration and the issuance of the birth certificate are rights guaranteed by the State completely free of charge. Therefore, the cost of the Birth Certificate is free, in the case of the 1st copy.

What do I need to get a Birth Certificate?

Issuing the Birth Certificate is very simple! Just head to one notary with IDCPF and marriage certificate of the parents – there is no need for this certificate if the parents are not married.

What is needed to obtain a Birth Certificate

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If the father refuses to attend, the mother can also register the child in her name only. Another essential document that parents should have on hand when registering their child at the registry office and picking up their Birth Certificate is the “declaration of live birth” issued by the hospital.

At the registry office, just start the procedure, make sure all the data is correct and choose a good name for the child!

What is the deadline for the Certificate with the copy of live birth in hand?

Now that we know about the cost of the Birth Certificate, let’s talk about the deadline. The birth certificate must be issued 15 days after the child is born. If the parents and the child live far from the city, more than 30 KM away from a registry office, then this period is increased to 3 months.

Who can get the Birth Certificate?

As we said, the parents of the child who apply for the birth certificate. But what about the case where they can’t do that?

The law determines that in case the parents are unable to register the child, it can be registered by the next of kin who is of legal age. If the relative cannot do it either, the child will be registered by the doctors and health professionals who participated in the child’s birth.

And if there is no such resolution, the child will end up being registered by the person who has custody.

What documents needed?

Parents who go to the registry office to issue the child’s birth certificate must have the following documents in hand:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Marriage certificate (if married);
  • And the live birth certificate from the hospital.

With these documents, just go to the nearest registry office and issue the birth certificate.

How to make the Birth Certificate of those born at home?

And for mothers who needed or chose to deliver at home and do not have the hospital’s declaration, the professionals who attended the birth, such as midwives, can make this declaration.

In cases where there was no midwife or health professional, the parents themselves must make this declaration at the registry office but with at least two witnesses who certify that they knew the mother and saw her pregnant.

2nd copy of the Birth Certificate

The birth certificate, although important in the early years, is gradually replaced by other documents such as RG. And it’s not uncommon for us to end up losing the same in these situations. Therefore, the 2nd copy can be requested!

How much does the 2nd copy of the Birth Certificate cost?

But here comes bad news. If the birth certificate is free, your 2nd copy is not. The document may vary between fees and from notary to notary, but it is between R$22.00 to R$39.27.

How to apply?

A 2nd copy of the document can be requested on the civil registry website. There the user can retrieve a copy of the document for free. But if you want a new document, you will have to go to a registry office with your other documents (RG, CPF, etc.) and request a new certificate.

Now that you know everything and especially the cost of the birth certificate, be sure to take good care of yours and avoid having to resort to a 2nd copy!

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