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How much does 1 million in savings yield? Check out!

If you arrived at this article, it is because you have the following question: how much does 1 million in savings yield, correct? How do I do this? Is this application worth it? Check out some curiosities and tips now, and understand how much 1 million reais in your savings!

The dream of the first million is the desire of many Brazilians, so it is natural that some curiosities about how to earn 1 million in savings attract many people. And to understand how to calculate this income, let’s check some percentages and values!

What this article covers:

How much does 1 million earn per month?

The yield on an investment of that amount, in 2021, was 6.167%, but it can vary from year to year. This annual income is equivalent to R$ 61,670, divided by 12, the income is R$ 5,139.16 per month.

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However, it is important to note that some factors such as: rates, inflation and taxes can change the percentage of income.

How does savings income work?

There is the Selic rate, the main mechanism for controlling inflation, which can vary your income if it is above or below 8.5% per year.

  • If it is above, the yield is 0.5% per month, with the reference rate
  • If below, yield is 70% of Selic with reference rate

According to the updates, today this rate is at 10.75% and 0% of the reference rate, therefore, savings currently yield 0.5% per month.

As this update is standardized, the percentage does not change according to the bank you have an account with.

What is the value of the CDI today?

The CDI (Interbank Deposit Certificate) has a value that is essential knowledge for those who invest in fixed income, as this value can change constantly. In January 2022, the DI rate was equivalent to 9.15%.

In 2021, the accumulated value of the CDI was 4.42% per year and for 2022 the expectation is that this percentage will increase, since it is linked to the Selic, and if it increases, consequently the CDI increases. The estimate is for an increase of 11.50%.

But it is important to pay attention to the market and other investment possibilities, because even knowing how much 1 million in savings yields, there are other ways to apply and earn your money.

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