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How much do Colombians spend on streaming platforms? • ENTER.CO

Picodi, the platform that recovers part of your money spent in online stores, revealed a recent analysis on streaming platforms. The company verified the subscription prices of the most used entertainment platforms in 60 countries. Based on this, they made a calculation of the relationship between the price of subscriptions and the average local salary.

The two most used video platforms in the world were included in the list of platforms: Netflix and Prime Video. Music services included Spotify; Scribd standing for the ebook and audiobook service, and Game Pass as the video game subscription service. Finally, and to better understand the analysis, it should be noted that the prices of most countries were converted to US dollars.

In Colombia, the price of the individual subscriptions of the services included in the analysis are the following:

-Netflix – CO$26,900

-Prime Video – CO$17,900

-Spotify – CO$14,900

-Scribd – CO$45,925.82

-Xbox Game Pass – $19,900

In total, the price of the package of five subscriptions is $125,525 Colombian pesos, which, converted to dollars, would be $27.30 per month. Now, comparing what Colombians spend on streaming platforms with a salary of $1,331,475 Colombian pesos, we would be talking about 9.4% spending on audiovisual training. Said like this, our country would be in ninth place in the average price-wage ranking.

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To give you a better idea, the lower the position in this ranking, the lower the percentage of salary that is spent on subscriptions. In the classification that compares the total cost of the selected platforms, Colombia ranks 56th, that is, one of the cheapest countries in the world.

On the other hand, Switzerland tops the list of countries that have to pay the highest price for a subscription package. In total, the five transmission services were taken into account, which, added together, are equivalent to $64.21 dollars per month, that is, $320,000 Colombian pesos. In second place is the United States with $60.45 dollars a month ($300,000 Colombian pesos); followed by Great Britain with $51.29 dollars ($255,000 Colombian pesos).

However, when comparing the above prices with the average salary of each country, we see a situation in favor of the Swiss. The package of five subscriptions is equivalent to only 1.19% of the salary; Americans spend 1.50% of their salary and the British 2.22%.

For currency conversion, average rates from October 1 to 15, 2022 based on data from Google Finance were used.

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