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Have you received the first installment yet? Because the second installment of the new Auxílio Brasil already has a date set to be paid! For beneficiaries who received the November installment in the amount of R$224, the news is that the government intends to pay the second installment already with the promised amount of R$400. Know more.

What this article covers:

Auxilio Brasil 2021: 2nd payment installment

The new program that aims to help families without substantial income in the country, has already started to be paid in the last month of November, the amounts paid were referring to an average of R$224 according to the possibility of financing informed by the government available until then.

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With the partial approval of the Precatorios PEC, on 12/02, the expectation is that the text will be enacted, at least in part, in order to then open up the expected fiscal space that will make it possible to make the promised installments of R$400 available to the population, according to portion of the Brazil Aid.

Aid Brazil Calendar for December 2021

The calendar for the month of December 2021 is now available online by the government with the dates following the final number of the respective NIS of each beneficiary. Payments will start this week from the 10/12th, for those whose end is number 1.


  • Final 1: 10/12
  • Final 2: 12/13
  • Final 3: 12/14
  • Final 4: 12/15
  • Final 5: 12/16
  • Final 6: 12/17
  • Final 7: 12/20
  • Final 8: 12/21
  • Final 9: 12/22
  • Final 0: 12/23

It is worth remembering that there is a risk of delaying payment with any change in dates, so whenever possible, plan in the best way for any problems of this type.

Who is entitled to receive the Auxilio Brasil: Learn how to check

The Brazil Aid is the right of families who are in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty. If you are part of the Bolsa Família program, you are automatically entitled to Auxílio Brasil and start receiving it from the first installment (which started in November 2021).

If you are not included in Bolsa Família, but are part of the population whose income is up to approximately R$210 and have a CadÚnico, you may be entitled and the government intends to include you as beneficiaries in the coming months. Consult the CRAS closest to you and clarify your doubts.

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