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how much and how can you receive?

The Old Age Social Pension is intended for citizens who are not covered by any other protection regime. Find out how to access it and what the values ​​are in 2023.

THE old-age social pension is a monthly cash benefit granted by Social Security to citizens who have reached the legal retirement age, but who are not covered by any social protection regime.

Unlike the old-age pension, the attribution of the social pension does not depend on the contributory career of the beneficiaries. Find out about the access conditions, the values ​​for 2023 and what you will need to do to apply for this support.

Who can apply for the social old-age pension?

According to the Social Securitythe social old-age pension can be attributed to:

  • National citizens residing in Portugal;
  • Foreign citizens residing in Portugal, provided they are covered by Community Social Security regulations (Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechenstein, Norway and Switzerland);
  • Foreign citizens residing in Portugal, covered by the international Social Security instruments in force in Portugal (Australia, Brazil, Cape Verde and Canada).

What are the attribution conditions?

The first condition for being awarded a social old-age pension is age. In 2023, the social old-age pension can only be claimed from 66 years and four months oldwhich corresponds to the normal age of access to the old-age pension of the general Social Security system.

To receive this support from the State, citizens cannot be covered by any other mandatory protection regime nor by the transitional regimes of rural people.

Here, Social Security makes only one exception. If a citizen is covered by another scheme, but does not satisfy the defined guarantee periods for access to that pension, then he can apply for the social old-age pension.

The social old-age pension can also be granted to old-age pensioners or beneficiaries of a survivor’s pension, but whose pension amount is lower than the social pension.

For other citizens, with regard to income, the resource condition. In other words, only the following are considered eligible to receive a social old-age pension:

  • individuals whose gross monthly income does not exceed 40% of the Social Support Index (IAS) (€192.17 in 2023);
  • couples whose gross monthly income does not exceed or exceed 60% of the IAS (€288.26 in 2023).

It is also important to point out that the social old-age pension is incompatible with the disability pension and the social benefit for inclusion, that is, it cannot be combined with any of these types of support.

How much is the social old-age pension?

The social old-age pension has a fixed monthly amount of 213.91 euros.

To this value, however, the Extraordinary Complement of Solidarity (CES) may be added, the amount of which depends on the age of the beneficiary:

  • 18.62 euros per month for beneficiaries up to the age of 70;
  • 37.23 euros for beneficiaries aged 70 and over.

It should be noted that, when the beneficiary turns 70, the supplement will only be paid in the month following the birthday.

As with wages, the social old-age pension also has 14 monthly installments per year. This means that in July and December beneficiaries receive a holiday and Christmas subsidy, in an amount equal to the usual monthly installment.

The social old-age pension is granted to the beneficiary from the date of submission of the application and as long as the conditions for attribution are maintained.

If the conditions are no longer met, support may be suspended or terminated, as the case may be.

How can I apply for the social old-age pension?

The old-age social pension must be applied for at a Social Security service desk, by presenting the Mod.RP5002-DGSS application together with the documents indicated therein.

Form – Mod.RP5002-DGSS

Download the form to apply for the Old Age Social Pension here

You can download the template from the link above or get it from any Social Security service. In case of doubt, you can also call Social Security and ask for the necessary information and clarification.

Special supplement to the social old-age pension

In addition to the Extraordinary Solidarity Supplement, Social Security also provides for a special supplement offered to former combatants.

This complement can be accumulated with the social old-age pension, but also with the pension of the special regime for agricultural activities or other pensions equivalent to non-contributory regimes – it is enough that the beneficiary’s military service time is proven.

O complement value is also tabulated and depends on length of military service:

  • if it is less than one year, the beneficiary receives €1.25 for every month spent in combat;
  • if it exceeds one year, the ex-combatant receives €14.97 for each year of military service.

It is important to note, however, that, contrary to what happens with the Social Old Age Pension, the special add-on is paid once a year. Thus, and even though the beneficiary is entitled to 14 special supplement monthly payments, the State will pay the total amount at once, in October.

The special complement does not require any specific requirement: it is enough that, in the document requesting the Social Pension for Old Age, the beneficiary indicates the length of military service and that this is confirmed by the Ministry of Defense as having been spent in conditions of danger or difficulty .

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Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in January 2023.

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