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how many are they and how do they work?

Find out which family allowance bracket you are in and which amounts to receive.

You family allowance scales they are a way of ensuring that the poorest households receive a higher value. They are one of the most frequent doubts of those who have minor children and, therefore, it is very important to clarify all doubts. What should you know? How do the rules work?

This social benefit is only for those who have dependent children or minors, and is a support for these families to face the costs of raising and educating a child. There are also increases, that is, an extra amount in cases where expenses may be higher.

However, the family allowance levels are not the only factor to be taken into account when calculating the amount to be received. Thus, in addition to income – which will determine the scale – the age and number of children, as well as whether or not the family is a single parent, will determine the amount to be received.

The attribution conditions also include movable assets, ie bank accounts, shares, bonds, savings certificates, securities and units in funds. The value cannot exceed 106,368 euros (240xIAS in 2022).

What to know about family allowance levels?

Thus, there are five levels, calculated based on household income. The lower echelons, that is, where incomes are lower, receive a higher value. Aggregates belonging to the 5th step are not entitled to the allowance.

Families in the 4th tier are only entitled to support until the child is 72 months old.

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How to find out which family allowance scale you belong to?

To find out which family allowance bracket you fall into, it is necessary to calculate the reference income.

First, the annual income of all household members is added up. Then add the number of children and young people in the household who are entitled to family allowance, plus one. Divide the first value by the second to find the reference yield. The value obtained places the family in one of the five levels of the family allowance.

Applications submitted during 2023 are based on income obtained in 2022, which are compared with the value of the Social Support Index (IAS) in that year. In this case, the value of the IAS in 2022 was €443.20.

An example

Imagine, for example, a household with two adults (each earning €800 per month, or €22,400 per year) and two minors. To arrive at the reference income, the account will be:

  • 22,400 euros (14 times the family’s monthly income) divided by three (the two smallest plus one): 7,466.66 euros.

Now let’s go to IAS: in 2022the IAS was €443.20that is, €6,204.80 per year (14 times the monthly IAS).

The last step is to look at the allowance scale table, that you find in site of Social Securityand see which one fits:

step Yield of reference Yield in 2022
1st equal to or greater than 0.5xIASx14 up to €3,102.40
2nd Greater than 0.5xIASx14 and equal to or less than 1xIASx14 more than €3,102.40
up to €6,204.80
3rd Greater than 1xIASx14 and equal to or less than 1.7xIASx14 over €6,204.80 up to €9,307.20
4th Greater than 1.7xIASx14 and equal to or less than 2.5xIASx14 more than €9,307.20 up to €15,512.00
5th Greater than 2.5xIASx14 more than €15,512.00

As noted by Safety Socialthe 3rd and 4th earnings scales were changed in July 2022 to the values ​​shown in the table above due to the Decree-Law No. 56/2022 of August 19.

How much will you receive?

Taking into account the different levels of family allowance, the amounts receivable (since July 2022) are as follows:

household income Up to 3 years From 3 to 6 6 more years
1st step €149.85 €50.00 €41.00
2nd step €123.69 €50.00 €41.00
3rd step €97.31 €32.44 €28.00
4th step €58.39 €19.46


The amount of family allowance depends, as we have seen, on the step, but also on other factors. For example, children up to 3 years old (36 months) receive more.

In families with two or more children and where there are children younger than 36 months, these surcharges applywhich vary according to the levels of family allowance in which they fall.

Household with two children:

  • 1st tier: €37.46
  • 2nd tier: €30.93
  • 3rd tier: €28.00
  • 4th tier: €14.60

With more than two children:

  • 1st tier: €74.92
  • 2nd tier: €61.86
  • 3rd tier: €56.00
  • 4th tier: €29.20

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Can there be changes in the family allowance levels?

If there are changes in income or in the composition of the household, there may be changes in the family allowance scales.

Every year, Social Security unofficially carries out the annual proof of income, which is mandatory to determine the family allowance scale in which the household falls.

The test is done until October 31, through the exchange of information between the Social Security services and the Tax Administration. These accounts also include the value of other installments paid by the entity.

In cases where proof is not possible, for example, in the case of income obtained abroad, you can present this proof of income or change of household through a form of its own.

It is important to know that, among the obligations of the beneficiaries is to communicate, within 10 working days, any alteration that determines the suspension or termination of the family allowance.

Request a reassessment of the income bracket

If, after the annual income test, there is a change in income or in the composition of the household, you can request a reassessment of the income scale. However, you can only deliver the order on January 30 of the following year. That is, 90 days after the end of the period for carrying out the annual test.

You can request a step reassessment through Direct Social Security: Menu
» Family and prenatal allowance » Ask and Consult » Request a reassessment of the family allowance.

If in doubt, you can consult this guide which explains all the steps to follow.

Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in January 2023.

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