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How long does TED take between different banks?

Bank transfers came to facilitate the sending of money from one account to another and each of them has its characteristics. Even people more used to using these functions find it difficult to distinguish.

For this reason, some questions may arise when making interbank transfers. Find out now how long TED takes between different banks.

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What is TED?

Available wire transfer also known as the abbreviation of TED, is responsible for transferring the money from one account to another. In addition to this, there are other types of transfers such as DOC and Pix that have some differences between them.

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What is the difference between TED and DOC?

Because they are common in everyday life, they believe that they have exactly the same function. However, there are characteristics that differ between TED and DOC.

While he transfers money on the same day if done before 5 pm, DOC only transfers the next day if done before 10 pm. The DOC has a limit of only 4,999.99 reais and the other can transfer amounts below or above 5 thousand (it does not have a pre-established maximum limit, it depends on each bank).

How long does it take for TED to fall between different banks?

On weekdays the transfer is debited and falls on the same day. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or on holidays, it will fall on the first business day following.

How does TED work between different banks?

To carry out this type of transaction, you need to access your bank’s application or go to the nearest ATM. Select the transfer icon and opt for TED.

Then fill in the bank information (CPF, agency, account number, etc.) from whom you will receive the money and confirm. After carrying out the transaction, the money will fall into the recipient’s account in a short time if done before 5 pm.

If the money didn’t fall, you may have entered the wrong bank details, the bank’s system is unstable, you did it out of hours (after 17 hours) or you did it on non-working days.

Couldn’t solve it on your own? Call your bank and ask for help.

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