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How Leo Season Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign

As the Sun moves away from the territories of Cancer and approaches Leo’s domain the energy begins to undergo a transformation. From a season in which we prefer the warmth of home, to love and be loved, and where emotions played a leading role, we now give way to a period of power, of being optimistic and finding the bright side in every situation.

Leo 2022 cycle starts on July 22nd and ends on August 22nd. As a fire sign ruled by the Sun, associated with the astrological house of expression and romance, this season magnifies all our desires for luxury, fun, love and drama. As long as we are governed by the fifth sign, we will want to be the protagonists.

How will it affect each zodiac sign personally? According to an article on PopSugar.com, here’s what every sign can expect in Leo season.

Leo sign.
As long as the Sun is in Leo, its energy influences all signs. Photo: Shutterstock

It will increase the intensity of your artistic impulses. This period will stimulate the desire to express emotions through a project. It will be like a work break where he can be himself.

You will try to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Vacations, family reunions and walks with your partner will be comforting to your heart.

Your curious and communicative nature will be stimulated by the Sun in Leo. You could enjoy more than usual short road trips. On the other hand, you will have more serenity in your relationship with your loved ones. You will see things more clearly.

You may find yourself a bit exhausted after the intense birthday season. He will now focus on his money and value issues more than anything else. It’s time to open up on his comfort levels and close relationships.

Leo’s qualities are at their best, after all, it is their season. It is the opportunity to be the center of attention and show himself as he wants the world to see him. He will have a surge of confidence that will allow you to more vigorously pursue his goals.

Unlike other signs, Virgo will be more meditative and in tune with their intuition. It will be time to discuss alone how to improve his well-being and set long-term goals.

You’ll find it easier to connect with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family. Your days will be saturated with work meetings, social events and parties. You must remember to rest and spend some time in peace to regain energy.

The next few weeks were made to express your worth and gain recognition at work. You’ll be more motivated to seek a position higher up, so you’ll take bold steps to reach your goals.

Leo season will be comfortable for Sagittarius because it will push him out of his usual routine and visit places where he will have spiritual revelations. Also, he will feel more philosophical and thirsty for knowledge, so it is an opportunity to expand his ideas.

The Leo cycle will push you out of your emotional comfort zone. He will be more vulnerable to affective ties and will encourage him to share what is inside his heart with his partner or loved ones.

Leo season will strengthen your romantic, family and professional relationships. Together they can face any challenge. On the other hand, you could receive unexpected news possibly associated with the family.

You will be able to find ways to be more productive and balance your inner world. It’s a season to prioritize your desires and spark your imagination.

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