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How Jupiter Retrograde Will Affect Zodiac Signs

On July 28, Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, will begin its retrograde period in Aries. and as a result we will have 4 months of inner and spiritual growth, until it turns direct in Pisces on November 23rd.

Jupiter is the astrological planet that manifests abundance, fortune and growth, which means that it expands everything it touches. When it is retrograde, it forces us to look at what is in our depths to find what mentality has not worked for us.adjust it and take a boost to grow personally.

This retrograde transit will not affect everyone in the same way. According to predictions from the Astrology Answers site, this is how it will affect the signs of the zodiac.

the planet jupiter
Jupiter will be retrograde from July 28 to November 23. Photo: Shutterstock

It will force Aries out of their emotional comfort zone, acting as a catalyst to heal stormy cycles and grow spiritually. You may find some delays in your luck or opportunities.

You are going through a moment of inner transformation. It is a moment of introspection where you will get in touch with your nature. You might find yourself a bit behind in your personal goals and objectives.

You will broaden your friendship approach, your long-term desires, and receive professional recognition, if you lean on the right people. Otherwise, you could return to the starting point.

Business goals or personal desires could be delayed, which could make you feel demotivated. You will need to re-evaluate your plan and go step by step, at the same time leaving behind old belief systems that have not worked.

It is a time to stimulate your spiritual awareness. During this retrograde, memories of the past may come to the fore and new opportunities may be encountered. This energy can help you meet your challenges with enthusiasm.

Opportunities will present themselves to strengthen bonds of trust with family, coworkers, or friends. Jupiter retrograde offers security and support to open up emotionally.

It will magnify your romantic and business relationships. He will have the clarity to see how others appear to him and how he expresses himself. It will assess whether the exchange of energy or commitment is even.

It will be time to review what personal projects are paused, mainly those that have to do with their well-being and healthier lifestyle. Jupiter retrograde asks you to improve her life.

You will experience an urge to search for your soul mate and connect with your inner child. Astrologers suggest that you avoid high-risk investments for now.

It will focus on your need for security. You will have to balance home, family and work. Slight contract delays are forecast.

Your creativity will be stimulated and you will receive opportunities to expand your inner world, for example, training in a new field.

It will mark the beginning of an expansion of resources and values. It will be a time to take your personal goals and projects seriously. You should take advantage of this transit to leave your limitations as it will improve your self-confidence.

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