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How it works to transfer a car

Processes carried out through the Detran tend to be time-consuming and bureaucratic. However, there is no escaping it when we talk about the regularization of transferring a car to the name of another driver.

Sale and purchase of cars need to go through this process so that they are regularized correctly. Therefore, see below for information on how to proceed with this process and use the services in the exact way.

What this article covers:

When do I have to transfer a vehicle?

The transfer of any vehicle must be done at any time on one of the occasions:

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In the event of the death of the former owner

If the owner of the car dies, it will be necessary to pass all the documentation to the heirs he left. Thus, the transfer of the vehicle must follow the protocol.

owner in another state

In this case, another CRV will have to be issued and the change must be carried out as soon as possible. The values ​​for this method vary greatly, so it is important to seek information from the DMV of the next owner’s city.

Financing and Leasing

In the case of an alienated car, this situation will have to be described in the CRV?? If there are debts on the transfer, the new document must contain the details. Therefore, the owner will have to prove the fact that he is giving up the purchase and transferring it to a new buyer.

For Leasing, a letter of consent will have to be notarized and also signed by the first owner.

What do I need to transfer a vehicle?

Some documents are requested in the method of transferring an automobile to another person. On that occasion, it is necessary to pay attention to everyone who is asked so that the process does not take longer than it already demands. The following documentation is usually requested:

  • CNH or RG;
  • Proof of address;
  • Registration of the car in question that does not contain debts;
  • Proof of payment for the transfer service;
  • Original CRV of the first owner with the filling in of the new buyer’s data;
  • Proof of payment of CRV fees;
  • Renavam form.

Remember that any data error or contradiction can lead to a delay in completing the transition. Therefore, try to pay attention to everything that is requested and its filling information.

Step by step to transfer a car?

To transfer a car, the former owner and the new buyer must follow the steps defined by the Detran as accurately as possible. In addition to gathering all the requested documents, an inspection of the vehicle must be carried out by a company with accreditation. Next, see how the process of transferring a vehicle is in order.

Checking for unpaid charges

To begin with, it is necessary for the current owner to know exactly if there are bills to pay for the vehicle. This can be done through the DMV website.

Completion of the receipt for the sale and purchase

At this stage, the receipt must be completed according to the guidelines. This receipt is the beginning of the official sale.

Authentication of signatures

It is mandatory that the seller and the buyer are together at a notary for the notarization of the CRV. Thus, the sale of the car will be official.

payment of fees

Through a Detran guide, the payment of the transfer fee must be carried out as soon as possible.


The car must undergo an inspection by an official DMV company. After the process, the company will be responsible for issuing an important report for the transfer.

Performing the procedure and concluding

Finally, all documents must be presented at the state Detran, as well as payment slips.

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