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how it works and what is it for

CREA-SP is a council to carry out the due inspections of professional activities in the country and can be considered as the largest in the world. Your role is necessary to ensure that everything goes well with the professionals who perform their tasks.

What this article covers:

What is CREA/SP?

CREA/SP is the acronym for Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of the State of São Paulo, which is the largest in Latin America and possibly in the world. This council aims to supervise any type of professional activity in the area of ​​engineering, geosciences, agronomy and among other activities correlated with technologists.

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CREA seeks to control and guide these activities, in addition to doing its best to improve both the services and the activities of these professionals.

Who needs CREA/SP?

According to federal law numbered 5.194/66 with resolution 336/89 inserted in the Confeasuch registration is strictly mandatory for legal entities that are eligible to perform services and works directly related to Engineering, Agronomy, Geology, Meteorology and Geography.

Which companies need CREA/SP?

It will be mandatory to register with CREA/SP for those who are legal entities and have active activities directly linked to areas such as Engineering, Geology and Agronomy. Such a resolution is present in article 3 of number 1121/19. It is very important that those who are PJ and their companies are in this field, that they have the necessary registration to perform their main tasks.

What is needed to get the CREA/SP?

You will need to scan the front and back of your diploma, contain a certificate, history, RG and CPF, voter registration, electoral and military discharge proof and, finally, proof of address and blood.

You must access the CREA/SP website and enter the Professionals Register, then register and enter your information, then save your data. In the menu, you will have to fill out such a request. Finally, there will be a need to pay a fee and when the amount is deducted, it will be possible to check the confirmation from CREA/SP.

How much does it cost to take the CREA/SP?

For professionals who have higher education, they must pay a fee of up to R$ 350.00, for medium levels, the fee will be R$ 175.00. With provisional registration, the value is much lower, only R$ 62.04.

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