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How is the ritual of the onion so that your ex cries for you

If you have chopped an onion, you know that there is no way to avoid crying while we do it and precisely, a curious ritual aims to provoke this effect in the person you love, for example, your ex.

When someone has hurt us, we hope that they have the humility to admit their mistake and offer us an apology, however, the reality is that it does not always happen. With this spell, the universe helps us to cause that person to recognize his mistake and return to us repentant. Thus, you can apply it to your ex, friends, work colleagues or family members.

The materials that we are going to use are the following:

a medium onion
half of a white sheet
A red ballpoint pen
A knife
3 pins

The medium, tarot reader and sorceress Luz Silvar Soler explained on the site Hechizo.net, that the onion to choose must be similar to the person in questionFor example, if it has a lot of hair choose a hairy onion, if it is serious we will choose a dry onion, if it is thin an onion that is not very round, etc. Then do the following:

Step 1: with the knife make a hole in the onion the size of your little finger and reserve the extracted piece.

Step 2: on the sheet of paper and with the red pen write 3 times in the name of the person. Fold the paper as small as you can.

Step 3#: insert the paper into the hole you made in the onion, cover it with the piece you reserved and stick it in using the 3 pins.

Step 4: now repeat the following prayer: “may the brilliant light of this magic illuminate your consciousness. If you come to me, let it be crying and if you think of me, ask for forgiveness. So be it”.

When you finish doing the ritual, throw the onion in a garbage container that is far from home and in a place that you never frequent.

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