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“How is it going there in Pachuca?”: the curious story of Chaco Giménez and Lionel Messi

El Chaco played more than 150 games with the Tuzos del Pachuca.

Photo: OMAR TORRES / Getty Images

Christian Giménez was one of the great footballers who went through the Liga MX. The Chaco marked its mark on the Mexican territory. His great performance led him to the Albiceleste Team led by Diego Armando Maradona. In a call, Giménez had to be Lionel Messi’s partner. El Chaco revealed an anecdote about “La Pulga” in 2010, that moved him

“For people who don’t know, or who don’t experience a soccer team concentration, you go with your roommate everywhere. You go to lunch, you go to training, you go to the hotel, you go to sleep, you live together, you talk,” Giménez told the Dressing Room Talk program.

To Chaco’s surprise, Lionel Messi would be his roommate. The Pachuca footballer was very pleased to have the young star of FC Barcelona as a partner. But the theme of Giménez’s anecdote has to do with the fact that Messi knew about his career and asked him about Pachuca.

I was in one bed and Messi was in the other. The best player of all time was next to me. Incredible, I couldn’t believe it because he knew me apart, and he asked me, ‘how is it going there in Pachuca?’”, questioned Messi.

This story was part of Christian Giménez’s argument for his devotion to Lionel Messi. That simple gesture was enough for Chaco to declare himself a Messista for life. “That’s why I say, I’m not from Barcelona. I am a Messista, I want Messi to do well”he concluded.

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