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How to do house waterproofing? Techniques and tips

The waterproofing of houses is uA way to preserve your physical condition in the best conditions and, with it, take care of your assets. Known how is it waterproofed correctly a home and some tips that you should take into account when you do it.

The waterproofing of a property will allow you to be prepared for climatic eventualities that occur throughout the year. Especially in areas where it rains frequently. Likewise, it will be a way to protect your property in the event that there is some type of leak in the water reserve on your roof, and it will help you to preserve the good condition of the structure of your property and to avoid leaks that could subtract value from it.

In Mexican territory, the season with more rainfall It is the one that covers the months of May to November. Although it is recommended to waterproof before this season, preferably between March and early May, the house waterproofing it can also be done during the winter, or whenever it is pertinent.

If you are thinking of waterproofing your house, then we explain how is it waterproofed a house step by step, and we share some tips that will be useful for this procedure.

Ho to do house waterproofing?

  • Choose a quality waterproofing
  • monitor the weather
  • Make any necessary repairs
  • Clean the area where you will work
  • Use sealant together with the waterproofing

Choose a quality waterproofing

When buying a waterproofing, you must take into account some factors that can interfere with its quality. Since it is a product that will protect your home, it is necessary to verify how suitable it is for your home and if it is a good investment.

Choosing among existing products for waterproofing of houses, lThe factors to which you should pay special attention are:

  • Duration: Although the useful life of a waterproofing material will depend on the surface that you cover with it, the studies carried out so far have indicated that basic waterproofing materials fulfill their function for 5 or 6 years, as long as the application is carried out correctly or with support from a qualified person.
  • Drying: Another of the most sought-after characteristics is the one referring to quick drying. Some brands may indicate that the time required for quick drying is half a day and others ensure that a period of one hour after applying the product is enough.
  • Price: Since there are many options in the market, choosing the best price is also very important. Read the characteristics of the products and compare prices. Sometimes it pays to invest a little more in a product that has more benefits or better features.

monitor the weather

Although some products may be advertised as quick-drying, it is always best to apply on a day when you can allow more time for the waterproofed area to dry.

To know what the ideal day would be, it is recommended that you check the weather at least a week before and choose the day that is warm. Allowing the product to dry properly will help you to obtain a greater durability of the product and will prevent you from spending more waterproofing than necessary.

Also try to avoid humid days because the product may not dry out or work properly during the rainy season.

Make any necessary repairs

Before putting the waterproofing, consider making the necessary repairs so that its application is on a flat surface. Don’t just check the outside appearance, also check the inside of the ceilings in each room.

In case you find abnormalities, such as mold, humidity stainsroof leaks or flaking, it is extremely important that you repair these problems before the waterproofing your house.

For these problems you can apply a moisture blocker and, depending on the finish of the house, you can use texture paste or a texture roller. You can also repair cracks with caulking.

If you consider that the damage is very severe, it is best to call an expert who can make the necessary repairs to the roofs of your home.

Clean the area where you will work

Another step of how is it waterproofed a roof or terrace is the cleaning of the area where the product will be applied. After you’ve made any repairs, be sure to allow time for the area to dry and clean.

Since the objective is for the waterproofing to adhere correctly to the surface, there should be no type of dust, grease or oil that interferes with this process. After sweeping the area and removing the dust with the broom you can also clean the surface with water and detergent, but do not forget to wait until the entire surface is completely dry to apply the waterproofing.

In some cases, you will need to completely remove traces of old waterproofing. For this you may require tools such as a stiff bristle brush or wire brush, chisel or trimming discs.

Use sealant together with the waterproofing

In the process of how to waterproof it is necessary that you use sealants. First apply a layer of the sealer or primer to optimize the waterproofing fixation, but remember to do it when it is not too hot or the area does not feel warm, and let it act for 2 to 4 hours. In places where more moisture is generated you can apply a second layer.

Then, with the help of rollers or brushes to reach narrow areas such as the bases of water tanks, cover the area with waterproofing and let it dry correctly for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the drying time you chose and the weather. If you consider it pertinent, you can apply a second layer of the product.

house waterproofing

To obtain good results, we leave you some very pertinent tips during the process of how to waterproof a house:

Tips to waterproof your house

  • Check the needs of your home
  • Invest in quality materials
  • Ask an expert for help
  • Cover other areas that require it

Check the needs of your home

Although all waterproofing fulfill its main purpose, which is to prevent the passage of water, there is a range of products on the market that can cover other needs.

For example, if you carry out activities on the roof, you can use waterproofing that is resistant to traffic or friction. We recommend that you choose the right one for your space.

Invest in quality materials

There are paints on the market that promise waterproofing effects and that save time, money and effort in the product application process. However, its duration is not very long.

For this reason, it is more convenient to invest in a specific quality product to waterproof that suits the needs of your home. The types of waterproofing on the market are:

  1. waterproof acriton- This is a high temperature resistant product that can be applied to concrete, asbestos, galvanized sheet metal and mortar without cracking. Its duration depends on the brand, but in general it is 6 to 8 years.
  2. Asphaltic – This waterproofing is resistant to friction caused by the flow of people, to ultraviolet rays and has a duration of approximately 13 years.
  3. Nanotechnological – This type of waterproofing inhibits heat and is friendly to the environment. In addition, its duration is approximately 10 years.
  4. Polymers- These are the best waterproofing and the most resistant. Its duration can vary between 25 and 50 years.
  5. Acrylics – This product is easy to apply, highly elastic and can last up to 10 years without cracking.

Ask an expert for help

If your objective is more complex or the area to be covered is broader, turning to an expert can be a great option. you may not know how is it waterproofed with an asphalt product, therefore, by hiring an expert you will guarantee that your investment meets the objective of protecting the property and preserving it in good condition.

Cover other areas that require it

Roof waterproofing is not the only way to protect your home from moisture. You may also require applying product on walls with storm drains and external walls, floors, slabs or be interested in how is it waterproofed a basement.

Now you know how is it waterproofed a property to improve its value within the market and preserve it in good condition. If you are interested in buying and selling real estate, we invite you to visit the real estate portal of vivancios so that you know all the real estate offer available to you.

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