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How each zodiac sign behaves when they are in a bad mood

When a person is in a bad mood, it is better to walk away and give him space to calm down. However, there are times when we cannot distinguish if they are having a bad day until we are prey to their discharge of negative energy. To prevent those lapses of anger, astrology can be of great help.

Each zodiac sign has a characteristic behavior when in a bad mood, and despite being very subtle, the stars can help us distinguish it to know when it is better to keep a distance. Based on an article from AskAstrology.com, a site specialized in astrology, we tell you how the signs behave when they are in a bad mood.

When he’s in a bad mood you can tell right away. It shakes and reacts strongly, so he is one of those who usually say curses. It is best to walk away when they are in a bad mood because they can become very aggressive, however, these lapses usually last a few minutes.

He is not one to react impulsively. If he is in a bad mood, he automatically withdraws from others.. You go shopping, order food or get lost in your hobbies. Pampering yourself makes you feel good.

If he’s in a bad mood, he’s very restless. He keeps moving and speaks without thinking, therefore, is one of the signs that most often hurts when he is in a bad mood. The good news is that she sincerely apologizes.

It is the sign that experiences the most mood swings throughout the day. If he’s in a bad mood, he doesn’t curse or do anything, remains serious and expressionless. They make it clear that they want to be alone and when they channel their bad time, they will return happy and content.

He loves to attract attention, even if he is in a bad mood. He will want to let you know that he is having a hard time and will express exactly what bothers himHowever, he often exaggerates to make others feel sorry for him.

It is natural for Virgo to be very analytical and honestly express their opinions, however, when they are in a bad mood, they tend to criticize to hurt. It will make you feel worse than you imaginehowever, when he gets over his temper, he will apologize and offer an explanation.

When Libra is in a bad mood, it doesn’t show. Unlike the other signs, uses his charm to manipulate and is sarcastic. He doesn’t like confrontation, so it’s likely that if he’s furious, he’ll back off quickly.

It is extra reserved, that is why it is one of the signs that it is more difficult to discover that it is in a bad mood, but astrology helps us to know it. They tend to be elusive they walk away and make any excuse to be alone. They themselves come back when they hang out sour.

When they get in a bad mood show a fierce, aggressive temperament and talk more than necessary. Although they don’t stay in that state for long, they can hurt loved ones.

It puts him in a bad mood to be interrupted when he is busy with a task. A) Yes, is distant, pessimistic and unpleasant. His energy can be so heavy that it will put you in a bad mood too.

A bad mood usually provokes in Aquarius a feeling of anxiety and nervousness. This sign is uncomfortable with emotions, that’s why they don’t know how to channel these lapses of bitterness.

When he is in a bad mood he is very expressive. He screams, he despairs and in the worst case he cries. She feels sorry for herself and makes others feel guilty for his misfortunes. They take time to overcome it, and for this they must remain alone.

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