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How does the FGTS review work?

The new revision will ask for alteration of the respective TR indices to correct values ​​of the FGTS balance, adopting the calculation of another index to obtain better results. To find out more accurately if you are entitled to a new revision, read this article from Mundo das Tribos until the end.

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What this article covers:

Who is entitled to this FGTS review?

Those who will be entitled to this review are the workers mentioned in the following list:

  • Being a rural worker;
  • Being an Urban Worker;
  • Be an intermittent worker integrated by law number 13.467/2017 (Intermittent worker);
  • Be a single worker;
  • Be a Temporary Term Worker;
  • Be a Harvest Worker (during the harvest season or a rural worker);
  • Be a Director Worker who is not an employee;
  • Be a Domestic Worker;
  • Be a professional athlete.

Workers in the modalities on this list can review their FGTS, I need the advice of a lawyer through individual lawsuits. In other cases, there will be the possibility of a collective action that eliminates the need for a lawyer on behalf of the special federal court.

What documents are required to request the review?

Documents essential for carrying out the review must be uploaded for your successful request for the review:

  • Your proof of residence;
  • A copy of the work card (PG where your Work Number is PIS??
  • Reproduction or copy of the identity card;
  • Copy of your CPF;
  • Statement referring to the FGTS that is from 1991 at the most, and cannot be older than that determined date.

Once all the requirements have been met, you will need to gather the documents and seek a lawyer to file this action. It should be noted that it is extremely important to carry out the review, so that it is possible to update the values ​​and eventually achieve an even greater benefit value, which in the long term could generate an improvement in your financial condition.

This review was a means of making the values ​​fairer, taking into account that inflation has disturbed and greatly reduced the value of capital that years ago guaranteed a certain purchasing power, and that today has been reduced to fractions than it once was, needing a raise to face the infraction growth.

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