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How does the card machine work?

These days, every merchant needs a card machine. Since, this is becoming more and more common, making even street vendors have one. After all, with each passing day it’s easier to acquire a card machine and you don’t need CNPJ for that.

With the card machine in hand, you can accept the most varied forms of payment without just cash or Pix. In this way, it is possible to sell more and not run the risk of losing a sale by not accepting a payment method.

If you don’t know how a card machine works, it’s time to find out. Understanding the machine is essential for any trader and in this article we have gathered the most important information about this much-needed tool.

What this article covers:

What is the function of a card machine?

The card machine has a structure that reads credit, prepaid, debit cards and vouchers. The machine allows sales by card to be made, as it is integrated into a system that is capable of registering the buyer’s payment, notifying the brand that is responsible for sending the information to the banking institution.

Card machine function. Source/Reproduction: original.

With the purchase made, the machine issues a note or receipt for both parties, buyer and seller.

How to operate a card machine?

Check below the step by step on how to operate the card machine:

  1. The buyer informs the payment method;
  2. The seller passes the card or approaches it after entering all the necessary information;
  3. The data will be sent to the flag, which will inform if the payment was accepted or not;
  4. The machine will issue the receipt if the purchase is approved.

There are several types of card machine, some accept several flags, while others may be limited in this regard.

What are the advantages of a card machine?

With a card machine, you as a seller run less risk of losing a sale. Typically, many sellers miss out on sales opportunities by accepting too few payment options.

What are the advantages of a card machine?

Advantages of the card machine. Source/Reproduction: original.

Currently, few people still carry cash, choosing to use Pix, card, QR Code and other means to make payments at establishments due to the practicality that such resources, such as the card, offer.

What types of card machines are available?

Check below the types of machines available and which are the best:

  • SumUp;
  • SafraPay;
  • Sky;
  • Moderninha PagSeguro;
  • Paid Market;
  • ton;
  • getnet;
  • iZette;
  • Network;
  • Stone.

Some card machines above have different functions and each brand offers one or more types of machines.

How to choose the right card machine for my business?

As already mentioned, each company offers different models and functions, thus being able to serve for different types of enterprises. For those with a low monthly sales volume, the ideal is to choose the simplest ones, the smallest ones and issue receipts via SMS and need a cell phone to use them.

For those who have an average or greater volume of sales, the ideal are the larger machines that issue paper receipts and do not need to be used with a cell phone.

Where to order?

It is possible to order card machines over the internet, through the website or application of the model or brand of card machine you want to order. Currently, it is possible to request a machine without having a CNPJ, but that depends on the company.

After choosing which machine you want, just request it on the website. Depending on the region where you live, some companies have a physical post and others do not, so it is important to be aware of this.

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